06 December 2005

"Really Weird"

So in the really weird department (to coin a phrase from Mr. Wonka): my funds are gone in my Party account. I received an email about a check bouncing from some pay-pro email (which I assumed was spam), then went to Party to try and play in a tourney. Didn't have enough in my account, and when I looked there was nothing (should have been $490). Looked at transactions, and $500 taken out. Our account that I had linked to Party was an investment account from bank A, which was acquired earlier this year by bank B. Things have worked fine without changing anything, but my assumption is that there must have been a time limit on that or something. So, I'll be looking into that tomorrow.

My Bellagio trip this weekend may be at risk as well. My poker room hostess/player coordinator (Not sure what she's called, but one of the poker room managers introduced me to her and she makes reservations and gets me the poker rate) replied back today that they were now sold out for the weekend. She had emailed me earlier that they were fine, and I replied back to hold the room, but her email bounced (this all sounds like my dog ate my homework for some reason). Anyways, I leave for Houston tomorrow night then should fly back from Europe on the 23rd. Meetings are still be scheduled, but currently I'll be in Houston through Friday, Delaware Tuesday (with either Vegas thrown in or somewhere else), Tennessee Wednesday, then fly to London on Thursday (16th). Will be there through the 21st, Germany on 22nd, then fly back on the 23rd. I may have to go to Amsterdam or Paris as well, I'm not sure. Bellagio is holding its Five Diamonds tourney, which ends with a WPT event. Saturday and Sunday have $1,500 Super Satellites, and the WPT buy-in is $15,000. I wasn't planning to try my hand at any of it since I'll have to travel anyways (although maybe I would be more successful since I would have to leave...). There will be lots and lots of juicy games this weekend with the tourney there, so it would be nice to hit that. If I don't, I'll either fly on to New York or come back home for Saturday and Sunday. I'm planning to play in London and have been pointed to Gutshot as the proper destination. Still have a ton of planning to do for this.

Was in Fairfax, Virginia today. I flew into Dulles this morning and back this afternoon. I think it may have been the first time I have flown into Dulles and I have one word for it: way-too-much-walking. I think I must have walked three miles. The departure was particularly brutal, dropped off by Avis bus, walk uphill to enter, through baggage claim, up escalator, then get dumped off in the middle of ticketing: no signage for Delta. I'm 1/4 of the way down and am able to see the end of that end (United I think), so I have to trek a quarter of a mile to find Delta, which is of course the last set of counters. I then have to backtrack back to the security (middle), which was very light (3:00--able to catch an earlier flight). Go through security, have to take two or three sets of escalators down into the catacombs, then walk another half a mile then back up a gigantor escalator to B gates. We're at B44, I walk down to see if I can spy a restaurant on the map (it isn't there now), then walk down to a pizza place next to a Fuddruckers. I get two slices, take the toppings off of one and put it on the other, then try not to eat much crust (I'm on Atkins). I've lost 17 pounds in the last month, with 5 lost during Thanksgiving. I shoot for zero carbs and figure I get some by breathing. I probably got 25 or so with the crust I ate, but I'll take it.


Blogger kurokitty said...

Yeah. I played NL $2/5 for a little bit, before the drunk cowboy with a fur coat left. And another $4/8 session. It was very crowded, but it always is...That's where the broadband wireless laptop comes in handy. I'll just park myself (if there's an empty table) in the back, on the other side of the wall from Bobby's Room and play online. lol.
Don't know about Houston games, however, the cowboys at the Rodeo were saying that games up in north Texas increasingly were being busted by cops. Have fun tho!!
PS, re: Vegas: If you want to go, you should just look up places on Expedia- my Stratosphere rooms were $25/weekdays and I stayed at the Lady Luck for $55 a night. It's really slow this time of year, so you'll be able to find rooms.

1:13 AM  
Blogger buytrafficforblog said...

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Blogger PokerSweetHome said...

Let me know how the Gutshot goes. There is a £10 rebuy on Friday night and upto a £100 freezout on Saturday. All the info you need is on their website, including tourney structures, etc. There are cash games as well. You can get the (free) membership form online and take it with your passport on the day you want to play. Have fun!



8:44 AM  
Blogger WillWonka said...

Love the picture, of course... although I haven't even seen the new Wonka picture...

good luck on the traveling adventures.

5:29 PM  
Blogger mishu said...

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