11 December 2005

A Bad Quickie

Burned three hours and ended up -$200 for the morning playing fairly horribly. With Ad2d limp, flop comes JdTd4d with a bet and a raise in front of me. I call, T on turn scares me, I end up calling both players down and miss at least two bets for sure. Also check a flop of AQ with KT, then a J hits and I raise someone in front of me. Then donked off stupidly (AQo vs AK where I just called down to the river with undercards, JJ getting checkraised with an A and K on the turn by sb, etc etc). I was up $200 then played badly from there. Shouldawouldacoulda, but I leave the Bellagio up a grand so I'll take it. Didn't always play my best, which was disappointing, so I need to prepare much more. But I won't complain...


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