09 January 2008

New Hampshire and the Media

My wife and I flipped channels a bit last night, watching the pilot for Cashmere Mafia, Coyote Ugly, and the New Hampshire returns on CNN. (As an aside: Lucy Liu in the Sex and the City knockoff, not sure if it's a keeper; Coyote Ugly, great flick)

I guess I thought this before, but listening to the CNN gurus scrambling then reading the newspapers this morning has me more convinced than ever that the Media is a big part of the problem with at least elections and politics. On the one hand, they all high-mindedly scorn American youth's obsession with Britney et al. Yet here they all are (and I'll say all) forecasting Obama's victory, scrambling with the realization that Clinton would win, trying to explain why they were all wrong. Couple that with all of the Comeback and Upset headlines?

This is trainwreck, Britney, sexy photo headline yellow journalism, IMO. In fact, I think the Media is being irresponsible for both parties. JUST SHUT UP!! On the Democratic Party side, treat this just like Obama did, that this is a long journey. Treat this like Clinton started to understand, that this primary season is an opportunity for Americans all over the country to interface with these two candidates and for these two to interact with Americans. This is a two-person MLB season, so let's treat it like that, that we'll get to see over the long haul what Americans think about these two.

On the Republican side, it is much murkier. To me, the story for all of us is that Huckabee and McCain are showing that they can run campaigns with less resources than Romney and Rudy. Who emerges from the GOP, again, let's wait and see. I'm personally leaning toward McCain if he's alive when it gets to Georgia then deciding between the Democrats and McCain if he makes it or heading for the Democrat if it's anyone else. But again, can we treat this like a marathon rather than a sprint? I think this is just too many experts, too much Media competition causing too much shouting and not enough patience with this.
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