04 January 2008

Post your Britney Horror Paragraph Contest

From USA Today: "During the past year, Spears has been photographed without underwear, and has appeared to be drunk and out of control. She shaved her head, beat a car with an umbrella, spent a month in rehab and has had a handful of fender benders, including one in which she ran over a photographer's foot."

So, here's the challenge. Fill in the blanks, replacing Britney's transgressions with your worst fears for your own if this was written about you a year from now.

"During the past year, ______ has been photographed ___________, and has appeared to be _____________. She/He ___________, beat a ______ with _________, spent a __________in _______ and has had a _____________, including one in which she/he __________________."

Applications submitted in comments or on your site (with link) by noon Eastern on 10 January (my birthday). Winner will receive either a Flickr Pro account or an iTunes gift card ($25 value). Get to work!


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

"During the past year, Jordan from HoP has been photographed playing .10/.20 limit poker, and has appeared to be losing. He called a reraised all-in with A6o, beat a freeroll tournament by getting AA more than three dozen times, spent the $1.20 in prize money in a $1.20 tournament that he lost in the first hand, and has had a lack of Aces or premium hands ever since, including one in which he played four months worth of big buy-in tournaments without seeing a pair higher than 3s."

4:14 PM  
Blogger nbp said...

"During the past year, mike has been photographed eating 2500 big Macs, and has appeared to be gaining a lot weight. He has also cursed the local staff, beat a Ronald McDonald statue with a happy meal, spent a few weeks in the restroom and has had 3 heart bypass surgeries, including one in which he woke up in the middle of and slapped the anesthetist."

2:43 AM  
Blogger Priyanka said...

During the past year, Priyanka has been photographed doing a chicken dance with the mayor on Independence day and forcing him too to dance, and has appeared to be a lot more stupider than before. She also made a fool out of herself by only waxing one of her legs ntentionally, beat herself with a grape vine, spent a day in jail for eating the carrot in the cop's garden and has had yellow frog skin growing all over her, including one (finger) in which she has a tatoo saying 'retard'!!


6:06 AM  
Blogger cateforgotten said...

"During the past year, Cate has been photographed on the street corner, and has appeared to be without a camera. She has been seen holding an old broken lunch box with light bulb stuck on top and attempting to use it to take photographs, beating a photojournalist with a dead chicken, spending the night outside the door of a one hour photo lab and has had a mental breakdown, including one in which she began supporting party politics."


11:53 AM  
Blogger Priyanka said...

Happy Birthday!!
hope your year ahead is very unlike Britney!

2:35 AM  
Blogger Priyanka said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Priyanka said...

Hey Thank you soo much! i'm really grateful to you.yeah u guessed it right, i would love to get a flickr account rather than the i tunes gift card.And i'll really bre glad to make a set for CC and definitely add some pictures that will really matter.
Thanks a lot! I'm really very grateful!

7:29 AM  
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