02 January 2008

A New Year for Us All

18/365 Morning

I'm back in my office, a half-cleaned space that hopefully will be the center of my awakening for 2008. I won't bore you with my holiday season. The highlight was seeing my parents, our boys spending great time with their cousins, and getting a new Honda Odyssey right before Christmas.

I spent much of November and December working on my goals for 2008 and with them, charting my long-term path for the next 3-5 years. I haven't completed this, but I have decided that I'll continue leading my company for 2008. This will be a critical year for me and for my career. It will be a time hopefully of great challenges, of stretching myself, of a return to excellence. We'll see if I can achieve that.

I will continue to put myself forth in the only way I know how, with the utmost candor and transparency. It helps me, and I've always been encouraged by those who have given me feedback that it has helped them as well. The poker content will continue to diminish here. It was always more humorous than strategic, more grappling than mastering. There won't be a void of great poker blogs and content out there, and I hope to sneak by tourneys or tables from time to time.

Brugge Under Bridge

I'm still in the midst of charting a new path for this blog. I'm not quite certain what direction it should take, although as always I would welcome any input or thoughts that folks have. I started this for myself, and that is still the primary reason I do it. I do enjoy the camaraderie and support from the friends I've met through this, and I'd hate to lose that part of my life.

I will be expanding and strengthening my video blogging. I've moved one of our two G2 Macs to my desk and plan on learning iMovie, which should improve my videos. I probably need to get some sort of video camera (I've used my laptop's built in one for videos up to now). Anyone with any advice in this area would be please leave a comment or email me at csquard@gmail.com. I also hope to learn the basics in Photoshop, so anyone who can give me some helpful hints, I'd appreciate it.

I've been able to keep my 365Group project going through the holidays and a dysfunctional camera. I'm using my old camera as my new little one started having some sort of mechanical problem during our trip to Memphis. I posted several shots I took from a 2002 trip to Belgium on Flickr.

Brugge 2002 Girl Gets Down

This is one of my favorite pictures I've taken. I'd like to explore photography a bit and probably need to upgrade my camera if I want to get serious about it.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope everyone has a great start to 2008.


Blogger BadBlood said...

Craig, it seems like a lot of us, myself included, have recently "come out the other side" of this whole poker thing.

It began with interest, grew to be fun, became a hobby, we showed some success, went as far as we could with it, then came to the realization that it wasn't/shouldn't be the giant "thing" that it became.

If I'm incorrectly leading between the lines, let me know.

I feel that with what you've written, you feel a small bit of regret that poker became a large part of your life. And with it, came some sacrifices you've made, some willingly, some not.

And now it seems you've discovered that your drive and focus can be highly concentrated; but you've chosen another direction in which to point it.

10:51 AM  
Blogger CC said...

BadBlood, I think a good chunk of what you've described is accurate. I think I agree with the regret portion, but more the concern over my overall lifestyle, career, etc. Poker was a bit of a red herring as it became a convenient retreat for me.

12:03 PM  
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