19 December 2007

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: An Old Friend Pops Up

I'm back in the ATL and will have a post up later about my last day with my grandfather. My sister joined my Mom with him, and we're not really sure of his timeline.

LinkedIn is a site started or acquired by American Express (I'm not sure which). I've been on for several years, although I really hadn't done anything with it until the last few months. It is a professional networking site and is gaining momentum. A friend that I met through blogging and visited connected to me through LinkedIn, and she'll be a great place to start my Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Letters from a Small State I first met Elizabeth and her husband in London, where the two of them were living and working away while also sneaking in a bit of poker. They've since moved back to the US (she's from north of there), and this is her blog. She's great, and I think you'll like her too.
Disgruntled Commuter The saga of a daily commuter with all the twists and turns that come with it. Hijinks ensue.
Copenhagen Girls on Bikes No commentary needed for this.
Jacquie Phelan's Weblog A relatively new blog, but I think this is one to dive into. Very long posts exploring away, very much up my alley.
Still Amazed Great photos accompanying this blog started this spring.
Lost City If you're a New Yorker or love New York, then this is a site to dive into. It is a chronicling of Old New York as it disappears among the progress of new development.

I'll be checking these sites out today; don't you have a few minutes to waste too?
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