07 January 2008

Flickr Report

I'm getting more and more sucked into Flickr. Over the last week, I've started my own group called My Three Sons, and we have eleven members plus over forty photos of three brothers at various stages in life. I've been dutifully posting a photo a day in my 365Group participation. It's been a really good experience so far (you can click on the Flickr icon on the right to see them).

As I explore Flickr, I'm struck by how awesome many of the photographers are. I've enjoyed photography, especially when I travel. I'm not very good and don't have a good camera, but I do enjoy it nonetheless (much like poker, I guess). On Flickr, you also stumble upon real gems. Here's one from one of our buddies, April.


I have several great people listed as Contacts, which allows me to see their new photos whenever I log in. Here are a couple that you might like:

Linda's Manymuses
T Glow (just an incredible artist)

My shot from today, one of the better ones.

28/365 Whiteout
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