01 July 2006

CC, What Are You Doing Saturday Morning?

Tonight is another late night, and this one is my fault. I did indeed play poker tonight, losing about $225 late in $10/20 game. Never got anything and had to make do with craziness (craced flopped straight with a boat on the river, etc). I should have been knocking out the articles but I wanted to play instead. Didn't play particularly well, didn't enjoy it as much.

So what am I doing this morning? Well, if I wake up I'll watch the end of England's game (want them to win, need them to lose in the World Cup pool).

11:30: Interview Juan Carlos Mortensen.

12:00--Hmm, what should I do after the interview? Well, look below and see.

CC is doing the unthinkable, the thing of all our dreams: I am playing in the World Series of Poker Event #5 $2k NLHE. $2k in chips, blinds start at $25/25 and escalate each hour (25/50, 50/100, 100/200; Level 5 is 25 ante and 100/200).

So how cool is that? Just in case you didn't have anything to do Saturday, you can be thinking of me in the afternoon. I am kind of on tilt from the poor session, so what better way to get some rest than to play in the WSOP? I haven't figured out the mechanics of posting through the day (or in the first thirty minutes), but we'll figure something out.


Blogger FloppyJT said...

Good luck!

11:24 AM  
Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy that you are going for it. Don and I will definitely head over there sometime today. Good luck!!

1:43 PM  
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