30 June 2006


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More Liz from early action yesterday. I had a chance to meet her yesterday, and she's very nice. Pauly and she are serious buds as well.

MissT74 (Tanya Peck) and Sheiky. Tanya had a nice run through most of the day but wasn't at her seat by the end of the day.

Items up at PokerWorks from yesterday: Event #2 $1.5k NLHE Final Table, Event #3 $1.5k PLHE Day 2, Event #4 $1.5k LHE Day 1. Also my interview with Vince Van Patten is up, and I really think it is pretty good. You let me know.

I accidentally left my camera in my room, which is like leaving the room. Will head back in just a bit. Got a call from MiamiDon, so I'll head to meet him and Carmen at MGM around 2:30 for a meal (maybe it's called lupper?).

This is from yesterday's action, probably around three our four hours into the LHE event. Notice media on the left (with cameras and pads). Upper right you see railbirds watching the final table of Event #2. Early on, you'd see the LHE players watching the large screen over the final table, but that reduced through the days as folks looked more and more at their own stacks.

Oh, and no poker yesterday. Will today be the day, or will it be tomorrow? Who knows. Maybe I've forgotten how to play...(Waffles: "#*!%, that donkey never knew how in the first place!).
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