28 June 2006

Buenos Noches, Poquer-Red

Current banner in the lead for those wanting to pimp CC's WSOP coverage, compliments of TripJax. The gauntlet is thrown.

Cecilia Mortensen from yesterday's action. Pimpage from Poquer-Red, I'm assuming a site in Spain. In case there are more folks from the country next to Portugal, Juan Carlos Mortensen is cranking away. Currently, he's in the 1s, Devilfish 3s, Jen Harman 5s, and Bill Gazes 10s.

Gavin Smith called recently busted out Phil Gordon to explain some prop bet to the guy out of picture to our right (Gavin's left). I couldn't understand anything Gavin was saying, not the articulation but just what the heck any of it meant.

Erica Schoenberg (thanks Pauly).

Chau being Chau.
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