28 June 2006

Hanging with Michael Craig

Jennifer Harman and Michael Craig. Michael (I can actually call him that) seems like a terrific guy. I interviewed him last week and met him yesterday. He and Linda Geenen are big buddies, and I'm now at least known by him (maybe fast becoming aquaintances or pals). He set up with me in the media room here this morning, in the back corner away from everything. I'm watching his laptop and bag while he's snuck away to play a single table satellite. He showed me the new Maxim with a sixteen page advertorial section from FullTilt, including a few Clonie shots, as well as profiles of the FullTilt team. It's easy to warm up to him as he's a bundle of chatty nervous energy, not a guy bouncing off the walls like his buddy Matusow but someone always thinking of a dozen things.

Lynette Chan had been cranking along early in the day when I shot this photo of her. It was nice to meet her after interviewing her. I saw in the afternoon when she was moved to Clonie's table, short stacked. No one runs up to me and tells me they've busted out, but the sign is unmistakable. Let me check on Phil Ivey; hey, someone's in his seat. Where did Lynette go? I wonder if Isabelle is going to push through after cashing, hey where did she go? With Lynette, there was a burly fellow in her seat, then after dinner I see her at a cash game trying to play traffic cop between the floor and unruly player.

Let me point you to some great sources for what's going on here. Otis from PokerStars via G-Vegas and BadBlood's game works his tail off keeping track of Stars players as well as general info. We left around the same time this morning, 2:30 or 3:00. He's the salt of the Earth.

Pauly doesn't need my pimpage here, but I would never ever ever ever not check his blog constantly during a tourney. I won't break his aura of degeneracy here; OK, I will. He's basically a medium teddy bear from Build-a-Bear.

Justin at PokerPages works as tirelessly as Otis out here. I gave him the Isabelle hand after I'd approached the CardPlayer neophytes, who looked at me like I was speaking Greek. He's hopping around updating working on PokerPages updates, which I've always read regularly during tourneys.

I'm heading to walk the floor of the Event #3 $1.5k PLHE event. I played pot limit once at the Gutshot in London, but I never exactly understood what I could bet, so I don't know if I would do very well in this tourney. eMail me at cunningham@gmail.com or leave comments if you need anything or having any encouragement, and thanks for stopping by.


Blogger mookie99 said...

This is great stuff CC...Any fancy schmancy "buttons" for your site we can post on our blogs to help pimp your work out there ?

4:21 PM  
Blogger cc said...

Mook, that's a good idea. Let me see what I can whip together. Any and all comments are the fuel to keep us going, so thanks for stopping by.

4:26 PM  
Blogger mowenumdown said...

Good stuff CC.

5:13 PM  

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