27 June 2006

The Calm before the Storm

I've been up several hours writing up the Tournament of Champions event for PokerWorks (should be up in a few hours). An epic battle, with Mike Sexton taking Daniel Negreanu after over six hours of heads-up battle. If it's any indication of what is to follow, we're in for some kind of ride. The Bellagio has the best toiletries to take. From left to right: sponge, shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, four bars of soap, hair spray, hand lotion, and bath gel. You might download the following three shots and mae a panorama of the view from the Bellagio, not sure. I'm headed off to breakfast and the Rio, so I'll check in from there. My interview with Michael Craig should be on PokerWorks by the end of the day, so check that out as well.


Blogger Raveen said...

HEY if u shoot me an email i know u said u've cashed in 1/3 wsop tables, but tell me about how u feel ur tourney game is I wouldnt taking a 500$ piece of ur action in a 1500 buy in event but we can talk more about it over email let me know....

12:44 PM  
Blogger April said...

So, I'm super jealous.

Save some samples for me!!! :D

5:50 PM  

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