26 June 2006

Five Hours til Liftoff

Lovely Famke Janssen, Petra in Rounders.

A bit frantic, more that I have alot of things not done with my company. I'll have Sweetie help with my frantic last hour before I hop in the car and head off. I haven't done a good job of investigating lower cost parking options, so I'll probably just head for the Economy part of Hartsfield. Still have no place to stay tonight (need to cancel the Bellagio), and I don't really have a good carrying bag for my stuff to take with me (a backpack or something to carry to a poker table that could also hold my laptop). Woe is me, I know, but I'm not usually so poorly planned as I feel. Probably the complication is that I just don't know if I should buy into Event #2 or wait. If I don't feel comfortable, then I'll wait for sure. Interviews to submit tomorrow: Vince Van Patten, Michael Craig, and Terrence Chan.

Head to Hoy's tourney tonight. I won't be there to defend my title, but I'll be thinking all about it as I sleep on the plane.


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