19 June 2006

LuckBox Poker Classic

I didn't have a chance to play in the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker at Stars (see complete results) due to my inability to cut and paste html as well as being in the mountains of G-Vegas with no internet access, so I did the next best thing and railbirded once I got back home after getting the old bird dog from the boarding place. It was down to three tables with only one recognizable player, glyphic. Was I instrumental in his making the final table? I'm not sure, but with the elegant response after his whining "I've been so card dead" I quickly typed sometimes it's good to be card dead (this after watching KK get whacked by AA). Patience and confidence restored, StudioGlyphic made it to 6th place and a $1.5k buy-in at this year's WSOP. The Main Event seat ended up headed to daleroxxu, who from what I can sniff out Googling is a Brit. He took out ZbjaffeZ and thelivewire to take home the title. Often, the pesky cards would get in the way of all the railbird chatter, and it would screw up my concentration as I tried to figure out humorous little items to type in. It was wonderful to witness so many new poker blogs getting started for those folks who wanted to play in the tourney. Classic lines included what is an avatar, who is wil wheaton, what do you win, where are the prizes, and who is Up4poker and guinness and why do they have bounties? Other great results included Linda and Pauly (Linda got blinded after sitting down five hours after the tourney started, and Pauly I'm assuming was asleep at Bonnaroo possibly), my good friend WillWonka who spectacularly crashed out in 2102nd place (not to rub salt in an open wound, but Baby Wonka could have taken a nap while playing and placed higher), Waffles (2138), BadBlood (1728, still in Orlando detox), AlCantHang (1729), Jaxia (2234) There were 2247 in, so you actually have to have a fast table to get knocked out in 2234. I left out folks who finished in the top 300 who think that they are good and all (TripJax, Up4Poker, surflexus, smokkee, slimeface, sloejack, ) because look, your blogs suck, you are all degenerates, and who wants to hear about your incredible laydown of JJ when you knew they had QQ or your great reads or whatever that got you there. You were better than a bunch of poker bloggers and people pretending to be poker bloggers. That's like being a tall midget, so back off. Victor Enrique 102? Great result, as he's from Chile which is a very skinny country. GRob 108, top finish from G-Vegas (I'm assuming). Link fatigue, so sorry all these aren't linked.

I donked around chatting and playing Hollywood trying to clear my 1000% bonus (I just need 14,000 more hands to do that). I probably need to try and bonus whore the Stars bonus, but we'll see. I'm a probable to go to the WSOP some time to do some blogging, writing, and playing. I'll keep you posted. I chatted this question last night and would be interested in your thoughts: which would you rather have, a $10k seat in the Main Event or a $1.5k, $3k, and $5k seat?

Finally, let's see where we head from the links of those folks who have come to this site for wisdom. Some new folks that you may not have seen before, then we'll do our Monday Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
  • Adam LaBare: Adam is working hard on getting into the Main Event and is a big tourney player.
  • Reverends of Poker: Jason is a pastor who has a major poker fetish.
Now Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
  • The Poker Enthusiast: a great dad and coach with a great blog. I think a guy you'd want to have either coaching your kids or living in your cul-de-sac, unless you're a crack whore.
  • SNG Machine: has qualified for the Main Event, living the dream. A Marine (I was going to type ex-Marine, but is there such a thing?)and he's also back in school, so this is a guy to root for.
  • PokerCash: Just changed the blog's name to LuckOwnage, Kevin lives in New Jersey. Big tourney player headed to the WSOP.
  • Mag's Poker Journal: OK, I didn't know about this guy, Josh Stuart from G-Vegas, professional poker player. I'll have to look at archives here, as well as reach out to the G-Vegas crew for more info. Looks like a new blog, so head over and give some love.
  • Rizen's Poker Blog: Another tourney player headed to the WSOP for some events as well as the Main Event. Who's not playing in the Main Event raise their hand (uh, me?)
  • N 82 50 24's Blog: Trying to get into law school, which seems like a good thing to do if you want to play alot of poker during and after school. Do lawyers actually work at all? Again, with so many lawyers playing poker, I can't imagine why legality is even an issue.
World Cup: I think I'm doing well in Matt Matros' pool, although hopefully he'll send out some sort of where we stand deal. Teams to beat: Argentina (right now the class of the tourney), Ecuador, Spain, Brazil, Holland, Germany. Disappointments: France, Serbia & Montenegro, the continent of Africa, Croatia. The US chances for the following results (which would put them through): beat Ghana (3:1 against), Italy beat Czech Republic (pick em). I don't see the US making it out with the loss of Pablo and Eddie Pope. I don't think we'll see Beasley again nor should we. Arena comes out of this tainted in a big way, I think. How he cannot use his third sub Saturday on Eddie Johnson to replace McBride is beyond me (or somebody else then).

US Open: I only saw Phil's implosion, still driving back from G-Vegas. I wanted Monty to win, but I think all the talking heads have to get off of everyone's back regarding 17 and 18. Geoff Ogilve was the only guy in the Top 5 to par 18, and only Vijay and Ferrie joined him from the Top 12 (Weir birdied it). Johnny Miller needs to get out there and play this course four rounds from the tips then get to 18 and talk about choking. Phil felt like he needed to hit driver then so be it. He's in major trouble but feels he can slice his ball around the tree on the second shot, so be it (I can even do that fairly consistently from 175-200, and Phil's natural shot path is a slice). I'm no scratch golfer, but I've played hard courses from the tips before with scratch golfers. It puts so much pressure on you to hit a great drive every time that it wears on me. Also, forget +5 and all that. This course was obviously a Par 72, which would have meant Ogilve would have won at -3. I would almost guarantee that if it was a Par 72, that the winning score would have been -6 with the Par Paradigm out the window.

Off to make rain. Have a good Monday.


Blogger TripJax said...

You were dropping some pretty hilarious lines in the chat last night...good stuff...

11:16 AM  
Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

lol. You bitch. Try doing better against a flush drawing Donkey, It is not easy..

5:41 PM  
Blogger Sloejack said...

Hmm, I've finally reached degenerate status, excellent now on to the next level. For what it's worth I think I'd rather have the 1 10k seat. The other options provide more opportunities but I would think it would be better off to be rested and be able to focus on playing well in one game than investing a lot of time and energy into 3.

6:25 PM  

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