07 June 2006

Hmmm, and Another Quickie

Gratuitous photo of Michelle Pfeiffer. Hot in Scarface, always gorgeous.

Was up $90 or so on Party, trying to sneak it over $100 before calling it quits, so I ended the session down $160 playing $5/10. One of my sneaky plays during the losing period was just calling from the bb with AsKs to one raiser, flop coming QQ7 rainbow, I bet and he calls. 3s comes on the turn, so I check/raise him and he calls (remember, I'm sneaky). River is a beautiful Ah, I bet and he raises me. I sit there and call to see him flip over two more queens. How many queens do they have in these virtual decks? I also got check-raised on the river by AK vs. my AQ with an A on the flop and a paired board. Started another table (when you have 15 waiting list), squeaked out one pot by cracking AA with my TJo and flopping the T (rivered one too). Got some nice rhetoric from the aces, but get in line you know. TJ looked like two jokers there, so just back off!

My transition to home officing has changed my poker play as I leave my laptop in the basement. That means no playing while watching TV with Sweetie, as well as she surprises me while playing in the later afternoon, which then is like continually catching me with one of the babysitters and her mom (or at least I assume it's like that). So, I've got to figure out some boundaries here.

A quick factoid: never ever ever short-buy in limit unless you're literally down to your last dollars available. First, I think there is a psychological component to this. You'll get called down more when you're short-stacked, so you better have the goods. Big stacks seem to be able to bully more, although I don't know if that's fully true. Biggest thing is you want to get maximum payoff for your hands, and you can't if you're out of chips. I used to underbuy, but I've started overbuying or chipping up on occasion.

Couple of videos: Celebrity Mugshot Poker, Doc Holliday poker scene from Tombstone, The Poker Game from some high school kids I think (pretty funny), FullTilt Poker videos (Phil Ivey's is pretty rude and side splitting).

The World Cup is now less than 50 hours away, and I'll be working hard to balance World Cup, poker, business, and family. Not necessarily in that order?

I don't need to pimp Pauly, but he's been on a tear with his Born to Gamble history posts. For anyone interested in the World Cup, Matt Matros will keep you up to date and give great analysis. GCox is hosting the Okie-Vegas gathering (sorry I can't make it guys and ladies). TripJax is headed out there for the festivities.



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It's on!

Dial-A-Shots...if you are interested instant message GCoxy25

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