05 June 2006

Identity Theft?

It was a pretty exhausting weekend of work, trying to get through all of the home office move. Sweetie's friend from Hilton Head was here helping this weekend and was a motivating force the whole time. We had done a decent job getting rid of stuff before it got here, but there was so much to do with boxes. We have fifteen office chairs (ten for the poker room), nine Haworth conference tables. We had boxes and boxes of office supplies. I had an office manager at one time who just loved buying office supplies. How much? Well, we had five moving boxes full of hanging folders and file folders.

Phil the IT guy also came Saturday to try and finish but didn't get everything done. We now have the following in our house: Dell server, two G5 Mac's, two operational laptops and one not working, three PC desktops, a Lanier L138 printer/copier (a big, high volume beast), Gestetner black and white copier (not hooked up, need to sell), another Lanier printer/regular desktop laser printer (very nice), and a Canon photo printer. We still have some odds and ends that Phil needs to finish.

I'm pretty sure I've decided on the poker room finishes. Leo Coax pendant from LBL Lighting (similar to Tech Lighting), a darker brown color for the wall, a concrete looking tile for the floors. It adds some cost to the room, about a third more I think, but it looks really great and will complete it nicely. Should be finished in a couple weeks, I think. The contractor is putting duct work in the new offices here, so today should be a bit dicey.

OK, a horrible, horrible thing happened yesterday. I checked my yahoo email before church and the blog comments to see if anyone had left anything over the weekend (thanks Donkey Hunter, scurvydog, Felicia, and Fat Dan). Went to church, ate at JR's (three scrambled eggs with cheese, side of country ham, biscuit, hash browns off the big guy's plate). Came back, went to check email--and it says the password won't work. Now I haven't changed my yahoo email password in over a decade, but nothing. Tried everything, tried going to all the help pages, asked me for zip code where I started out (nothing--I couldn't remember when and where I lived to start my yahoo account). Absolutely bizarre, and my only guess was that someone somehow had gotten the password, logged in, then changed it. I can't imagine it, but it freaked me out nonetheless. Oh, and of course Yahoo has no phone number to call. None. Current status: no personal email, still freaked out. Just received email from Yahoo asking more questions I don't know (alternate email account, zip code). I have no idea what alternate email account I opened up, and I've tried every possible zip code I think when I opened it, but nothing. I may end up having to lose my yahoo email forever, which will be a big bummer.

And poker? Played a little more on Hollywood, finally figuring out how to get PokerTracker to work (thanks Dave and Dan). Had an up session a bit playing 3/6, but I can't imagine how I could possibly clear the 1000% bonus (need roughly 10-12k hands in two months). Several very irritating things with Hollywood: no players, does not prompt you when it's your time to play (almost mucked aces, took me twenty minutes to get started playing as I missed blinds to post or whatever). Slow action as well. I'll keep plugging, but I don't know if it's worth it or not.

I jumped in on the luck and poker thing (probably irritated scurv--sorry). You can read Saturday's post if you'd like my two bits. I was purposefully extreme to make a point: poker is about luck in so many ways in the short term. It is 100% chance regarding how the cards are dealt, it is some chance as to what players will do based on your best decisions. For example in limit, what % of opponents fold an underpair when you have AK on a board that doesn't have an A or a K? What % when they hit bottom pair? When they hit top pair?

I also did something late last week that I'd thought about during my run: I changed my Party screen name. I decided doing so should be a standard play as frequently as is possible as it seems like a no-brainer to become invisible again to PokerTracker players out there (and everyone has PokerTracker if they're playing for real). Not enough data on this, but there you go.

Finally, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where we see where we end up each week from this site. Have a good day, and I'll talk to you later.
  • Guinness and Poker: IGGY is one of the best out there, and thanks for last week's pimpage.
  • My Totally Gay Online Diary: Bobby Bracelet's back!
  • Elizabeth: looks like a cutie pie.
  • Von Krankipantzen: Canadian lady cat lover (like we need more of those...). Good photos of baby pigs dressed as tigers feeding from a mother tiger (you can't make that up)
  • Dooce: Heather (great flick by the way), looks like a nice place to visit, very sharp look and feel.
  • Leah Peah: Another lady's blog. Ladies seem so different than us. What to do when you've tattooed a tribute to your husband then get divorced.
By the way: Heat? One of my five favorite movies of all time. And the first movie where Pacino and De Niro share the screen together. And the best shootout/bank robbery scene ever.


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Hey CC. I tried to send you an email, but it got bounced back to me. Shoot me one at highonpokr (no E) AT yahoo DOT communist rebels!

Hollywood is the WORST site. Take your money off of there and RUN!

As for all serious players using PokerTracker, I don't use it. But then again, I probably should. It's really quite sad. I own it, and I've tried to use it, but I find it to be too confusing to me. Also, I rarely play limit, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like a tool that is better for limit than NL and tournaments.

5:18 PM  
Blogger pokerpeaker said...

I have never used PokerTracker. I keep detailed notes on players and my own play and that seems to do the trick.

I actually like Hollywood Poker. They offer 100 percent reload bonuses, and the players aren't that good but not that bad either. But I have not played the higher limits; there probably aren't many players for that. For the .50 or .25 NL games, there are plenty.

Are you going to get rid of those computers the same way you did the book? If so, count me in! :)

I am reading Moneymaker's book. The writing isn't great but he has some good stories to tell, so I"m really enjoying it.

7:48 PM  
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