23 May 2006

"In Pace Requieset"

"Not me, I'm in my prime." Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday

Watching Tombstone with Sweetie. Things I either had forgotten or didn't know:
  • Terry O'Quinn (Locke in Lost) is the Mayor of Tombstone
  • Jason Priestly is the sexually ambiguous deputy
  • Thomas Hayden Church is one of the bad guys
  • Billy Bob Thornton is the original Faro dealer in the bar that Wyatt slaps around
  • John Corbett is in this
  • Charlton Heston is in this (rancher where they stick Doc Holliday when he's throwing up blood)
  • Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (Mattie Earp) is the hottie in Fletch
  • Michael Rooker (McMasters) was Rowdy Burns in Days of Thunder
  • Frank Stallone is in this (no idea who he is)
  • Wyatt tells his wife that he was "...thinking out loud..." I'm guessing this is the first reference to thinking out loud in film but couldn't figure out how to find previous references
  • Doc Holliday has quads or a boat before suggesting to Ike Clanton that "...maybe poker just not your game. I know, let's have a spelling contest!" I could have gone back to see in TiVo but was too lazy.
When I worked at the Gayley Mill north of G-Vegas swinging shifts, the hourly workers that I supervised would sometimes call in sick before their night shift (10:00PM-8:00AM). The excuse that would work every time with me was if someone was "...throwing up blood..." Any other reason I would try and persuade them to come in. One night, a woman called me to say that one of my workers wouldn't be in that night, that he "...was shot dead in the front yard..." He also was excused for the evening.

I used to chart the number of times per month that Sweetie and I would, uh, do it as we say. I would then look at the standard deviation to detect when there were months that fell outside of the normal variance. There have been mean shifts over the almost fifteen years that we've been married (mean meaning average, not the opposite of nice), and I quit keeping the charts probably three or four years into marriage. Sometimes, even without data capture, you know when a mean shift has occurred. We've had a mean shift to the upside the last couple months. The challenge is to stay focused and diligent so that the mean doesn't slip back to historical norms but can stay at this higher average. And I'm committed to persevere. I understand it's a bit time consuming for Sweetie, doing it more, but that's the burden we must bear. She's contributing to all this, wearing nightgowns or t-shirts or sweats while watching TV at night...

Variance means normal variation around a mean. Losing is normal if it is within the range of expectation. Lowering the standard deviation of play means having more predictability of results. Raising the standard deviation of play means that the swings get wider. The ideal is a mean that shifts higher while the variance is reduced. I'll look at this more with data to see where we are with this. During my slide, I was averaging -6.35BB/hour with std. deviation of 21.2 BB. This is in contrast to prior performance, averaging +1.49BB/hour with std. deviation of 16.3BB. More on this later.

Matt Matros has a great soccer blog on his site. He's an extremely knowledgeable fan and has very insightful stuff, including a post-mortem on the US loss last night to Morocco in a friendly.

Sales meeting last night over dinner went very well. Could lead to some nice work. I'm tentatively planning an event series for G-Vegas and maybe the ATL this summer. I would do ninety-minute sessions to half day sessions on various Growth topics.

IGGY has a great mammoth post from this week. Joe Sebok has broken out of his slump, winning two tourneys in the last two weeks. He's been having a big tough go of it, so it's nice to see him persevere. Has to be great for him heading into the WSOP. As always, go hit up Go Fug Yourself. Beautiful Britney trailer trash Mom rant, Eurovision Lordi Song of the Year post, Tara Reid, and Heather Graham.

Had a quick +$124 session yesterday afternoon at the $5/10 tables. Not really back to grinding alot but I'll take it.

Final note: thanks to all the comments yesterday regarding the interview with Steve Brown. Any chance you have of picking up his stuff is good. He's very, very refreshing in his content, and he's unknowingly helped me a great deal through his words. Thanks for being here, and have a good day.


Blogger F.J. Delgado said...

great post.. Tombstone is one of my all time favorite flicks. Doc is one of Kilmer's best characters ever.

1:39 PM  
Blogger pokerpeaker said...

So when you kept track of the variance regarding you and your wife....

did you also keep track of the suckouts?

I couldn't resist.

Thanks for the books. I got them yesterday.
My wife's reaction?
"Oh. Good. More poker books."

3:21 PM  
Blogger FatBaldGuy said...

I am a bit anally retentive, but I have never even considered the practice of tracking sexual activity and variance in relation to that activity. I bow in your general direction. However, my wife probably has the numbers to hand, without ever having written them down. Women are like that.

7:48 PM  
Blogger xynxz said...

Howdy...I have recently moved to atlanta and would love to get involved in any local games. If you're interested please email me at ace.on.the.turn@gmail.com...Thanks...Scott

8:19 PM  
Blogger C.L. Russo said...

Is there a romantic way to suggest that you keep your "doing it" rate above historical norms? :)

I love Tombstone too.

You're quote missed the best part of that exchange:

Kilmer: "Not me, I'm in ma prime."

Villian: "Yeah, you look it!"

5:24 PM  
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