20 May 2006

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

As some of you may know, I had a dream once of having Sex with Melissa Gilbert. Now, I have no big thing for her, but for some reason I had a dream about her. Then Felicia left a comment about once having a wet dream about a fling with Bill Rini. Of course, everyone is rushing into the poker movie scene what with Deal in production, but what about an erotic swinging story with poker as a backdrop? So, through the crack staff at Quest of a Closet Poker Player, we have Bill & Felicia & CC & Melissa. Linda said she saw Felicia at the Bellagio this week (and thanks for the shoutout, Linda). I'll edit this post later for Monday as I'm flying Sunday morning for work with a client Sunday night.

ADDENDUM: I'm in Orlando now (Sunday afternoon) with the National Heads-Up Championship on in the background. I've missed some of these earlier episodes, but Gabe Kaplan is just great, better than the poker I think. I haven't played any poker this weekend. My parents and brother/his family were in town. We played spades Friday and Saturday night. The twist with our spades game: both jokers in play (with one higher rank than the other), the jokers are no suit and trump everything, we play partners (9 tricks), you bid all at once by flashing fingers to bid, nil is worth 30 points, tricks 1-3 that you bid are worth 10 points, additional bid tricks are worth 25 points, the team has to make their bid. We also pass cards, alternating their destination each hand (last of the six hands you don't pass). We added a twist last night where the number of cards passed were based on rolling a die. It added some spice, especially when we passed five. I kept four spades, and my brother gave me five spades. His wife berated him for quite a while, but he made his nil.

It was great to be with them this weekend, and I really miss them. We also had our last soccer games. All-In's team lost 5-0, but I really love being with these boys. I'll miss soccer and the boys this summer.

We watched the Preakness, which was a real tragedy. I saw it and had to turn away. They've made huge advancements in saving these animals. Growing up, I remember some horse's front leg snapping and flopping around, then the vet putting the horse down there on television. Barbaro looked like he could be the one as well. I'm not into horses at all, but for the casual sports fan you really want a Triple Crown winner.

Interviewing Vince Van Patten, as well as James Woods. I sent Vince questions off and owe the James Woods questions. I also stumbled on a great find for an article. I'll keep it under wraps for now, but it's going to just great. Interview with Liz Lieu is still pending as she's gotten fairly busy, so we'll see how that goes (in Sweden from my understanding).

I need to get ready for my meeting, so I'll end it with my Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where we see where you can travel from the Closet. Have a great Sunday night and Monday.
  • Felicia Lee: Felicia doesn't need me to pimp her, but I've always been a big fan. She'll give you her well thought out ideas. You may not agree with everything, but she's always intriguing.
  • Poker Babes: Shirley is known as a very good player. She's taken a hit lately, so here's hoping she keeps climbing back. And that I do too.
  • MissT74: Shirley's site wore me out as there are no links, so I backtracked to Felicia to head to Tanya's site. I've been here several times, and she's an avid hard core player.
  • Akashara: A new poker blog for me. Richard West, slugging away as 2/4 to 5/10.
  • Tuscaloosa Johnny: Just won a tourney online, trying to make a go of playing professionally. I'm pretty sure folks know of him, but it's my first time here.
  • FellKnight: A Canadian military man, just got back from St. Maartens and also hurt his back. Hope the back heals.
Shower and I'm off. And Bill, I think Felicia still has a thing for you.


Blogger Felicia :) said...

Something is very sick here. I kind of like that in a man, lol.

I saw Linda at the beginning of the month, but I think she just now got around to writing about it.

7:34 AM  
Blogger BadBlood said...

I'd be interested to hear what Liz' response was. Too bad either the joke came off wrong, or she had no sense of humor.

8:47 AM  

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