07 May 2006

Mr. Mimi Rogers and Plagiarism

Sweetie and her friend really enjoyed their treat I arranged for them Saturday night: room at the Buckhead Ritz-Carlton, dinner reservations at Dish, nice leisurely breakfast this morning for them. I got knocked out of an $11 Party MTT last night, getting short stacked then coming over the top with AsKs, getting three callers, then a flop of QsJsTd. Q on river gives the TT their boat and I'm sent packing. I couldn't find any decent limit table so I hopped on a little NLHE. Couldn't get paid off with my big hands (AA or JJ flopping top set). Around midnight I started the falling-asleep play, where you either time out or barely wake up. Did that for an orbit, then I literally woke up with AA (when I saw I woke up with it I mean there they were staring me in my face with AdAc and action to me). $0.25/0.50, I raise to $2.00, and the guy on my left makes it $6.50. I shove for another $4o or so, insta-call, 75663 with three clubs, and aces actually hold up against QQ. I teeter on thinking of NLHE as simply a set-farming exercise rather than outplaying folks or whatever. I've had a couple of successful NLHE sessions, but I'm hardly proficient yet.

We saw M:I:III tonight. I actually think the former Mr. Mimi Rogers has some serious risk that he'll need to navigate over the next eighteen months regarding his image. I totally couldn't watch his intimacy scenes without being cynical, thinking of what a wack-job he either is or has become. Sweetie adored it; of course, I also accidentally saw her Vanilla Sky poster hanging on an inside storage door while we were moving boxes.

I took a step back and looked at position for my LHE play in the last few months.

Top BB/Hand Bottom BB/Hand
Button KK AA A2s QQ Ako 86s A5s A8s A8o J8s
1 QTs KJs 76s KK Ats K9s 86s KTs Kto Qto
2 44 98s A8s KK QTs 66 76s KJs Aks 97s
3 99 44 98s KK QTs KTs TT 76s Q9s Ats
4 TT A9s 55 KQo KK A8s Ats 77 KTs A5s
5 KK 98s 65s JJ 88 Aqs A6s 55 J9s KQo
6 Aks Ats A9s QQ AA KQs KJs 98s Ajo 33
7 A4s JTs Aqs T9s 55 A5s QTs Kjo 87s Aks
BB 97s AA Aks TT QJs KJs 55 K7s K6s Qjo
SB Aqs Ajs AA 97s 88 98s A4s A3s J9s J8s

Some of my results are skewed by some monster losses in certain positions; e.g., AKs flopping top two pair vs. flopped set, raising then being re-raised or trapped by later position. More analysis needed, but would be interested in any initial thoughts.

I had bought Bluff Magazine a couple weeks ago for the Ivey-Beal article by Michael Craig. I'd like to spend a bit more time on this, but after skimming the other articles, I have to say that Bluff absolutely is unreadable. I always pick up CardPlayer when I'm in a casino and have always enjoyed the diversity and quality of it. Bluff, at first appearance, seems like an absolute shotgun approach to editing, trying to put as many player-penned articles as they can cram in. ADDENDUM: 2+2 Forum thread on Bluff and 2+2, compliments of Felicia. While I don't know Mason Malmuth and agree with most of what he says, his commentary reeks of arrogance. Let me put it a bit differently: as a relative poker newbie, I appreciate how little I know about LHE much less poker in general, and I thank 2+2, Sklansky, Harrington, and others who give of their time, experience, and mental capacity to share with people like me. But when you consistently belittle folks, you become less accessible to some of us. Should we be diligent enough to be corrected and try again? Maybe, but I'm not that diligent. And thanks Felicia for directing me to the thread. Fascinating stuff on both sides of the rhetoric.

WPTE (World Poker Tour Enterprises) first quarter financials in. Market cap of $122MM, stock hovering 10% above 52-week low. The problem? WPT doesn't have a revenue model of any substance. It looks like they've finally found a home for their PPT investment.

My brother emailed a Financial Times article from a leading economist. He gets into the history of game theory and now bots in the poker world. May be old news for some, but it's an interesting read.

In honor of Kaavya Viswanathan (the Harvard undergrad who got in a bit of hot water for copying a whole bunch of her first novel from someone else's book) and Clonie Gowen, who accidentally did the same thing for her poker tips associated with FullTilt, here is this week's Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, followed by a paragraph made from a sentence on each of their blogs. Should be a nice interesting story.
  • Aimlessly Chasing Amy: A new blog from Amy Calistri, the former editor of PokerPages. I don't know Amy at all but know she's in the inner circle. I always would email Mike Paulle alot when he was blogging. Should be some good stuff.
  • Creativity Breeds Madness: fuel55 is a forty-something Ph.D. from Canada who is a successful tourney player. We'll see him in this year's WSOP.
  • Project Dirtbag: Vaughn Sandman is a playing professionally open about his struggles and challenges as he's trying to make a go of it.
  • Jenn Chantal: A lovely lady who's pursuing the game. Some neat photos.
  • Allison's Brain: In one ear, out the finger. A nice cutie-pie, and you can see her take on M:I:III. Very pink.
  • Maybe I Am: A just turned thirty lady, dark hair, very nice, nice looking fellow, saying stuff that I don't necessarily get.
OK, here is the paragraph from these folks. "At my age, anyone I'm inclined to meet reminds me of someone I've met in the past. I do not know a single person who could not be helped by good psychotherapy. When greeting a co-worker, you shouldn't walk up and shake genitilia. Becca, I'm only doing this because I love you. I ask you to consider the dynamics of this move and use it in your own play. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I liked it." Copying seems a heck of a lot harder than writing as you don't have to correct so much or cut and paste all the time. Too much work, so I'll just wing it more. By the way, Clonie's Poker Tips. We might as well have cc's poker tips for that matter.

Sorry for the random gobbly-gook. Bankroll back up to $8,800 or so. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Hitting the bed tonight (Sunday night), so have a great Monday.


Blogger F.J. Delgado said...

I heard Philip Seymour Hoffman stole the show... was he as good as advertised?

PSH is one of my favorite actors, while I despise Cruise.

Also, Clonie Gowen is a good looking girl, just thought I would throw that out there.

12:57 AM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

I agree with you completely about Bluff. If you want to read something more in depth about it, go to Two Plus Two in the Books forum. A huge two-thread fight, involving both parties. So nasty that even lawsuits were threatened (not by the 2+2 side, by the Bluff side).

I think it's a given that their mag is unreadable in the serious poker circles. I know some of their, hmm, "authors" (being extremely generous) and it is no surprise that they suck.

9:24 AM  
Blogger skampy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:57 PM  
Blogger skampy said...

ha. haha. hahahaha. but wait...what's not to understand? i'm so very straight forward...


2:00 PM  
Blogger cc said...

FJ, Hoffman was solid for sure. I think the negativity in the press is just a bit of piling on for Mr. Cruise. The one thing I would say is that I wish it would return to more of an ensemble X-Men/MI series type rather than just a Tom Cruise lovefest.

Felicia, see addendum from your comment. I'm not quite sure why Mason Malmuth felt compelled to continue the rhetoric. He may have won the argument but as I stated, I think he came off as very arrogant. I'll try to find some time to look at it all in more detail. Thanks so much for pointing to the thread.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

Mason is Mason. I accept him for who he is and I like him. He has been extremely supportive of me over the past three + years.

I actually get a kick out of Mason, David, Ray and Al. David & Mason remind me of Glenn when it comes to being so anal about math. Mason gets something in his head, and will not waver no matter how wrong he is proven. I guess I like that in a man, lol.

At any rate, I know Mason pretty well for someone who just came along in 2002, and he has been very good to me. I know he is a nit, and arrogant, but so am I, and we tend to get along really well. I won't make excuses for him, but I won't pretend that I don't like him, no matter how badly he comes across :)

3:10 PM  
Blogger cc said...

Felicia, I assumed that Mason is a real contributor and works a ton to better poker. Some of the rhetoric can be off-putting on 2+2, and for a fraidy-scared guy like myself, it becomes a challenge to want to contribute when I haven't taken the time to become as smart or experienced as those there. It's probably more a commentary on me, but it may ring true for others as well. Thanks for the link as well. I'll try to get LiveJournal figured out again in the next couple days. Oh, and the word verification is forox, and you know I think you're a foroxy lady for sure. Have a good day.

9:28 AM  

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