02 May 2006

Obscure Wandering

Had a rough afternoon yesterday for some reason, more of the general funk kind. I need to step up my working life significantly, need to get extremely motivated and active. It looks like I'll be headed back to China later this month. It isn't a done deal until the contract is signed, but we agreed to everything last week. I think if I was able to figure out how to find clients then I could have a nice work life, but it has always been a big struggle for me.

Obscure songs on my iPod: Erotic City/Prince (very rare), Optimistic/Sounds of Blackness, Follow the Leader/Erik B & Rakim, If You Wanna Be Happy/Kid Creole & the Coconuts ("If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life/never make a pretty woman your wife"), Lovesong/The Cure, Rage in the Cage/J. Geils Band, Burning Down the House/Talking Heads, The Rockafeller Skank/Fatboy Slim, Kiss Me/Sixpence None the Wiser.

Top Five Hands in April: KK, 98s, AA, AJs, 88
Worst Five Hands in April: KJs, KTs, QJs, 76s, QQ

Without the 63 hands at $30/60, I would have been flat for the month 2,600 hands, but that also includes losing $570 over 67 hands at $15/30 in one session. 22/13 stats, which is how I play I think. Should I get more selective, raise less? I'm more of a raise if I'm entering a pot kind of guy or calling in position.

Interesting hand yesterday in NLHE. I had QQ on the button (blinds of $0.25/0.50), UTG tight (13/4) raises to $2 to go, I raise to $6, he reraises to $19 (he has $88, and I have $93). Do you shove there, call, reraise, or fold?

John Daly may have a bit of a problem with bankroll management, by the way.

Does anyone know what this is (poker.blogdig)? I don't know if this is something to be upset about or flattered with, I'm not sure. Some sort of consolidation site that pulls posts from different places.

Watch out, G-Vegas crew. The law in wacky South Carolina are on the prowl...

Go Fug Yourself continues its rant on Mr. Cruise. And the Wall Street Journal yesterday tells of the challenges he now has in selling himself to women. And MI: III's marketing engine is exploding. Literally.

Be thankful you don't live in Zimbabwe, where toilet paper is going for $417. Per sheet. In a not related but related story, follow African Rob's journey teaching in Africa for a year.

I have to admit that PostSecret is just absolutely intoxicating for me.

Do any of you check out BlogShares? I don't know what it means exactly, but I do look at it sometimes.

Need some advice on where to play. I currently have $3,643 at Party, $363 at FullTilt, and $62 at Stars. I end up killing time at Stars and FullTilt. Should I try add a new site with a bonus, end Stars? All thoughts welcome.

Sorry for the sucky post, but thanks for dropping by.

(From above) Interesting hand yesterday in NLHE. I had QQ on the button (blinds of $0.25/0.50), UTG tight (13/4) raises to $2 to go, I raise to $6, he reraises to $19 (he has $88, and I have $93). Do you shove there, call, reraise, or fold? I fold, he then chats that he has JJ. I chatted back and forth and believe him.


Blogger F.J. Delgado said...

end Stars, games are too tight and skill level too high at the higher limits, PStars is the place to be for tournaments, not ring games...

have you ever played at Absolute? I can refer you if you would like.

Absolute's limit games are some of the softest around (especially 10/20 and higher), they offer re-load bonuses every week, and they have solid customer support.

if you've already tried them and don't like them, my apologies for sounding like a hired AP goon!

9:55 AM  
Blogger Klopzi said...

First off, QQ - raise, call or fold...

UTG is tight so his initial 4xBB raise probably means AA-JJ or AK-AQ.

When he comes over the top of you, I'm thinking AA or KK.

My brain says fold, my heart says call, my cojones say push...

And if you're looking for another place to play, you could try Interpoker. Check out RakeTheRake for a good rakeback deal (if you do, tell them account RTR03302 sent you).

Games are loose (especially during the day as opposed to late night) and there is a monthly reload bonus.

Also, Rake The Rake holds tons of freerolls there ($5K and $10K freerolls - sometimes with as few 60 players) and Interpoker gives other incentives as well.

Feel free to e-mail me or stop by my site if you're thinking about it.

11:10 AM  
Blogger WillWonka said...

Since you have $ in Full Tilt, take a look at their Iron Man Challenge.. It's a fairly easy way to play into some pretty nice freerolls by the end of the month. That's where I'll be.

1:25 PM  
Blogger HighOnPoker said...

As for that poker blog consolidation site, they are poaching from me too. I contacted the guy who does it and asked him why, since he doesn't have any ads up (except for AdSense which = pennies). He said he just compiles the blogs he likes, and its all linked back to us, so I told him to proceed. Let's stick with flattered until otherwise noted.

If you want soft action, you can't beat Noble Poker, but I'm sure you heard that from me before. The .25/.50 NL is particularly soft, as is the PLO games. If you are interested, feel free to use my referral link on my site. I feel like a whore now. I'm going to go shower.

Otherwise, for bonuses I suggest checking out PSO or VPP for the hell of it. You can earn a quick 50$ gift card along with your bonus and give it to the wife to buy whatever she likes. I find that it allows me to make a small 'cashout' for the wife without actually adjusting my bankroll. I have tons of tips on how to maximize bonuses at both sites, so shoot me an email if you are interested.

QQ? I'd lay it down, but I'm prone to lay down sometimes too often in situations like that. What did you do?

1:33 PM  
Blogger Wes said...

On QQ hand, fold.

As for a new site, just a try some out. World Poker Exchange has that always enticing 100% rakeback. UB has the game I love most, 2-7 triple draw. Martin's Poker has some crazy euros playing. And finally, Bodog has some overlays in their tournaments on a daily basis.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Victor_Enriq said...


A "pro" from Santiago... What are you talking about football (oh yes, soccer for you, i say whatever) or poker?

Thanks for stopping by!

5:37 PM  

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