31 May 2006


First, I'd like to thank the sites referring the most folks here. I really, really appreciate it.
I upgraded my analytics package, and I'm not sure what the top referrals exactly mean. Some are fairly straightforward, but I can't find anything about this site on the Chris Danek site nor do I know anything about it (sorry Chris, but it does look interesting). Sometimes it is a mention in a post (thanks Linda), some are links that folks use as a sort of bloglines (thanks G-Vegas gang). I don't know anything about bloglines, so let me know if I need to use this instead of just going to all my links every day or so.

Today was moving day from my office back to my home office. I'm absolutely worn out and I still have more to do tonight. Sweetie has a meeting and is gone, so I'm here with the boys. I was going to post this morning but the internet was cut off at the office late last night. We have so many boxes of stuff. The question is should I hold onto old client files or just keep electronic versions and nuke stuff. I also have tons of office supplies and shipping material from my office manager who was addicted to Staples. I was something like a Titanium Customer and got to be in their commercials because of the purchases to revenue ratio that we had (something like $400,000 in office supplies purchased with our revenues at $1mil). I ended up laying off all my employees and just selling packing material and bubblewrap for six months...

For those of you who've been following, I've been planning to leave for Shanghai next Wednesday, hoping to stop at Okie-Vegas or Vegas. I finally got an email from my client who said that it had been pushed off until the fall. This is pretty bad for me as I don't have anything billable in the pipeline having blocked out the time for them. It was a pretty rough day.

No ring games tonight as I'm in a horrible state of mind to be putting bankroll at risk. I was able to end the month down $1,999.11 after a +$73 quickie session yesterday. I desparately wanted to get the loss below $2k for some reason and was able to get there. I was afraid I was going to have a roulette experience. Not sure if you're familiar with this, but I've known folks who will put $100 down if they walk by a roulette table and see six or seven blacks or reds in a row, betting on the other color to hit. I saw a guy once bet $1,600 as he doubled each loss, trying to win back his $100 in the midst of twenty blacks in a row. Brutal.

This is a quick request, so please flood me with your thoughts on the following. I'm building out the kitty room (which is an unfinished room in our basement that the cat is supposed to pee and poop in although she just does it on the carpet now). So, the room is maybe 11' x 11' (I can't remember exactly). We're walling off an area with the sump pump, but I need recommendations on a few things. The sweet full-size poker table is going in with the nine black chairs, the rug is going under (multi-colored, sort of a Mirage palm look to it), 1' x 1' tile flooring (the self-adhesive, looks sort of speckled, distressed). Input required:
  • Walls (color of paint or something else)
  • Lighting
  • Other
Basics are paid for, so anything incremental would have to be quickly identified and purchased. Hope to have it finished by Tuesday I think the contractors told me. We had to take the legs off the table, which was a bit scary for me. It has two big metal round legs, very heavy, with eight screws for each leg. I'm deathly afraid that the cat will pee on the table, so it's covered with the rug plus a door plus a sheet. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. I'll have photos later.

A couple of final thoughts. Jordan, can you email your address? For some reason, I can't seem to leave comments at your site. As always, great Go Fug Yourself content, even a Full Tilt photo. Who knew?


Blogger DrChako said...

I've always wanted a "guy" room - saw the coolest one in Germany, in fact.

One recommendation - consider one of those pool table lights over the poker table.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Falstaff said...

I'm with Doc, the lighting over the poker table is key. Look for something diffused, even an indirect fluorescent uplight isn't bad on the eyes and produces enough light. If you're thinking jazzy - try Tech Lighting, they've got all kinds of cool stuff for home decor, I'm probably using them for my manland if I ever pry away from the computer to do so.

4:14 PM  

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