17 June 2006

Weekend Post: Marshman's G-Vegas SNG

Made it to my brother in-law's $20 SNG last night with $10 re-buy's (3000 to start in chips, re-buy gets you 1500). I donked off my buy-in a couple times, TPTK against the ultra tight guy my age to my left in the 9s (I'm in 8s) and once to Party Playa in 1s after he min-raised (AA, didn't think this crew had it in them). My brother in-law Marshman was in the 3s, Kojak was in the 2s, Twinkletoes cutie-pie in the 4s, her husband Rock was in the 5s, somebody else in the 6s, Will the Thrill in the 7s (Marshman's main buddy and a good guy but major donator), and I'm in the 8s. Will lays down 66 early on to a aise by Somebody Else only to see me come over the top with AQ. I'm called and flop comes Q66, and we make fun of Will the rest of the night but happily accept his two more re-buy's. I want to lay out what is one of the better hands I've played in a while and see what you guys think. Blinds are 100/200, and I have some amount that I'll have to figure out. Two limpers to me with KhJd, and I call from the sb. BB Tighty raises to 600, Rock calls and I decide to call. Flop comes AhTs8h. I check my gutshot and Tighty asks how much Rock has (he has 900 more). He bets 900 and the Rock thinks for a bit and calls. Pot I think is now 3800 for me to call my gutshot and backdoor nut flush draw, so I call. 9h comes on the turn, giving me now an open ended straight draw and my nut flush draw. I check, and Tighty makes it 1500 more. I have 4000 I'm pretty sure, so I think for about five seconds and call 1500 into the existing 6200 pot. The Qc comes on the river, giving me the nuts, and I instashove my last 2500 and am instacalled by AA. I never, ever chase but felt I was getting priced in every time. I haven't taken the time to look at odds to see if I would have had to call the turn if he had shoved, but I think I would have had to. I ended up knocking out Rock, Tighty, and Twinkletoes (her beat was particularly bad, as I called her all-in after a Q high flop then spiked the 10 with my pocket tens on the turn to her QJ). Got Party pretty short stacked, then he got even when his Ks7s all-in beat my Kc9c pre-flop (he made his flush). I proposed a deal to split $90 each and play for the last $50, and he agreed. I ended up shoving with Ac5c to his A9o, and he took the last $50.

Just a quickie for the weekend on the way to see my boys and my Sweetie. Have a great weekend, and let's hope for a result vs. Italy.


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