15 June 2006

Where did CC Go?

Sorry for the delay in my normally daily post. I had a 8:00AM flight Wednesday to Dayton, which meant I left the house at 5:15 or so. Never had internet access through the whole trip, not at the hotel and not at the airport this morning. Flight was delayed, so I landed around 12:30 this afternoon, got some Buffalo shrimp for lunch while watching England score their two goals (excellent), then just got here to headquarters.

I didn't fire my client. I did have the clandestine lunch with the VP/GM, and it was a wise move on my part. Met with my contact after the lunch, and I have a bunch of quotes to do for new business. Overall, I'm still disappointed that I can't have as much impact on their business, but they are pleased. The VP/GM also understands my situation with my contact and his poor ability to plan and execute, so I think that positions me stronger as well.

Well, when one of our big dogs suggests something, should you not take them up on it? If Pauly points me to a source of wisdom, do I not go immediately to partake? If Felicia tells us to consider Stud, do I not head to the lowest stake available in spite of my lack of short-term memory? If Linda advises me on proper decorum on the felt, do I not listen and make certain I follow her lead? IGGY left a comment Tuesday with some simple words: check out the Argosy Casino Lawrenceburg, just west of Cincinnati in Indiana. Look, who am I to stand in the face of such advice? The verdict: a great new room. Less than a month old, it has the potential of being the pride of the Midwest in the poker world. Full trip report tomorrow.

Creepy experience at the Dayton airport this morning. I'm playing Poker Academy NLHE, work my $200 up to $1400 then take some double throughs/bad play and end up busting then busting out of two more buy-in's (much cheaper than if I would have had an internet connection). Flight is delayed, and I decide I have to poop. Now, Sweetie has never pooped anywhere except for our home, her parents home, our parents home, and hotels since we've been married. Me, I'm a guy, so wherever and whatever if fine by me. I have my light bag (rectangular soft bag--I always thought it was gay to have a roller bag, so I've never obtained one; I do realize I may need to adjust that thinking as I am now in the <2% href="http://pokerworks.com/article-504.html">college MTT expert, and a second on a topic I have particular expertise in: bankroll management. If you've read this blog, you're probably guffawing a bit at the bankroll management expertise, but you have to admit I at least know something about how not to do it! Have a great day, and trip report for tomorrow.

The family is gone to the mountains north of G-Vegas, so I'm alone tonight. I'll probably play some, so hope to bump into some folks.


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