27 June 2006

Arriving at the Rio

Dutch Boyd waiting in line for breakfast. I had ham and cheese omelette with po-ta-toes and toast.

Entrance to the WSOP. You have to remember that the WSOP is in the Rio, comprising ball rooms all pulled together. Although the World Series is the mega-event of poker, for Vegas it is a a drop in the bucket. Las Vegas thinks in increments of 25,000 people, and the WSOP doesn't even hit the radar when compared

Pauly introduced himself to me. He's a dear friend now, it looks like.

Counting tourney chips two hours before Event #2. They've capped the event at 2,750 I believe, and probably could have snuck in an extra 500 or so (I made that part up, but I'm guessing that's right). Satellites and cash games going up until 11:00, with kick-off at high noon.

More preparation.
Shot from the back corner of the room, two hours before liftoff.

Horrible photo of Michael Craig (my bad, Mike). Tried not to act like a tourist, but a tourist shot it is.


Blogger Raveen said...

nice pic's so jealous im not there to play in those juicy cash games...

4:35 PM  

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