28 June 2006

Good Morning All

Elvis eventually made the cash but didn't end the day with any more chips.

Steve Danneman accosts strange lady. I mean, a stranger (she said strange lady)

Tuan Le doing that thing he does, putting someone to the test. Never sure if he's looked as his cards.

Minneapolis Jim Meehan: " What am I supposed to do with this hand?" This after taking forever to act, arguing with Bill Gazes, who isn't in the hand, then showing As-2s. Well, they are sooted, but how about mucking?

Clonie Gowen's chips dwindle, a prelude to a late exit.

Sweetie called me this morning, around 9:00 Vegas time (I went to sleep at 3:00). You can check out my reports on Tournament of Champions and Event #2 Day 1. Anyways, it goes like this:

CC: "I'm so tired, I worked all night but I'm not sure what I did."
Sw: (to boys) "I'm not sure why the bank teller didn't give us lollipops! Did you play any poker?"
CC: "I haven't had any time to play poker. I've got to figure out how to make that work."
Sw: "Look, this is your week. You're supposed to be out there enjoying yourself while I'm here with these three boys."
CC: "You need to have a bag of dum-dum's in the car."

I need to prepare for Sexton interview, so I'll check out now and connect back at the event. Thanks for stopping by.


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