29 June 2006

Storm before the Calm

Joe Sebok, his magic working, has built his stack to significance. He could see the precipice but has clawed back.

In this instance, green isn't that good ($25 chips), so Liz Lieu will need some work to become a force.

I'll be away for a chunk of the near term but will provide a couple more posts today. Juan Carlos Mortensen had A-Q come up against pocket pairs two hands in a span of fifteen minutes, up against T-T and J-J. He doubled up both players and is gone in 9th place. Just a fierce, terrific player, a true marvel to watch up close. I'm better for it, just watching him in action. And the remaining eight players now feel like anyone can win this bracelet.

Final table (Mortensen with his back to us in the 5s). Look at the remarkable image being broadcast above the table, the overhead shot of the table. Does this not look absolutely like a PartyPoker Table? The only difference (which they should have figured out) is that the dealer should be at the top of the image rather than the bottom.


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