30 June 2006

Where in the World is Carmen Santiago?

Doyle's table in the NLHE 6-max is located immediately to your right when you enter the tournament area. He's cranking away and holding his own today.

Raymer being Raymer, as gracious a champion as you'll ever find.

Daniel Negreanu getting a little work done. He needs to be sure his back is ready as he's built a monster chip stack, on a sick run knocking out any and everyone who sits at the table.

MiamiDon and Carmen. I headed over to the MGM Grand for a nice relaxing lunch. Really great to meet them, very genuine folks. Don has really been working away at 1/2 NLHE, and we talked about how much better different parts of his game have gotten since he's been playing regularly. Carmen is just a cutie pie all the way around, and she told me about her fantasies with different poker players (I wasn't mentioned oddly enough). They're going to try and come down here tomorrow to railbird, maybe sweat me if I jump in the tourney, we'll see.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I love the new pics! Had a great time today and look forward to hanging out tomorrow :)

3:02 AM  

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