02 July 2006

Good Sleeping

Ivey cranking away, stacking chips yesterday...

...and Jennifer Harman as well.

Juan Carlos with a new design.

David Williams sitting across from (guess whose head has the FullTilt cap and headphones on it in blue).

Aces vs. queens for Bellande, but he's down to only a few chippies now.

I got some good rest, although I got to bed late again around 4:00 this morning. All checked out for my flight to the ATL today. I'll try to post from the airport this afternoon. I'll have some photos from today's $3k LHE event. Much smaller field (like 450 or so), making it more than a little weird. It also shows you that the poker explosion is really the NLHE explosion, for what it's worth. Oh, a couple of nice tables to be sitting at: Table 39 (Eli Elezra, Minneapolis Jim Meehan, Kathy Liebert, and Phil Hellmuth), Table 137 (Jennicide, Terrence Chan, Andy Bloch, Chris Ferguson), and Table XXX (the ultimate winner of Event #7).

Will I be glad to leave here? Well, I didn't get to play nearly as much as I would have liked, so I need to change that when I come back in later this month. Schedule I kept was really screwed up, and I should have been either sleeping later or taking a daily nap. All the writing is at the end of the night mostly. I wanted to update the blog all the time, but it was just brutal to keep doing. Let me know your thoughts on improvements.

Have a good Sunday night, and I'll post later.


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