20 March 2006

Vegas Post-Mortem

First a quick summary of my trip home. Don't ever ask a Las Vegas resident about anticipated airport conditions. I left the Bellagio on a sprint for a 10:55 flight around 9:25 or so. I'm normally a two-hour airport person, but it was nice to sneak in a little play. There was a huge taxi line at the Bellagio, and I was able to find a sympathetic bellman to get me a quick cab. Cab driver was the cousin of Adam LaRoche for the Braves, telling me he used to be in the Pirates farm system until he got caught selling dope. Dope. Anyways, I get to the airport, and I immediately throw up in my mouth. There are at least 75 people in line outside for curbside check-in at America West, I get in and see just a sea of people everywhere, about 100 people outside of the snaking line for check-in. I hustle to kiosk, where I find out I can't check in for some reason. Back to the line to plead, she says well, there's the line. I throw out Platinum line, and she directs me back to the kiosk check-in baggage ladies. I somehow find a sympathetic one, and I find out I'm upgraded (sweet) but that I have two reservations (not sweet). American Express Travel has booked two flights for me, so I'll have to figure that out today. I'm anticipating a huge security line, but it's empty. None of my bags have wheels as I used to think it looked sort of wimpy and non-masculine to have wheels. Now, I realize in the 15 years since I formed this opinion the world has changed a bit, but I guess I get my exercise carrying 30 pounds of luggage a half a mile when boarding. Three hours sleep on the plane, back home, breakfast and shower, first son's soccer game is a big time 7-1 blowout (new team looks really good, and he's going to thrive). All-in's team (the one I coach) falls 4-3 due to my poor lineup. I try an A team and a B team the first half (we 16 kids with 8 on the field at a time--2nd grade boys). All-in is in goal for the B team, with an absolute porous defense in front of him. Our 2-0 lead that I cut short as it looks like a blowout turns into a 3-2 deficit. Boys look great, so I'm excited about the season.

Poker highlights for the weekend: I don't get to play much, getting my aces cracked by Js8s on a board of 92Q3T rainbow (that's some high-skilled faith, much better than I'll ever be for sure). Other great hand is KK and I raise with guy on my left re-raising (VP$IP 55%, on third re-buy)--I cap with three other callers, flop comes K63 rainbow--I bet with two callers, 7 completes the rainbow (I bet/neighbor raises/I raise/capped); J comes on the river (he caps it after all the raising). No one could have 45 here; no, he flips over 77. I chat tough turn, wise guy jerk chats he never should have seen the turn, I say, "but if you see the turn, it's a tough turn card..."

Observations from Vegas trip:
  • Bellagio still the best for sure, although it was a bit light during the day for sure. Wynn and Mirage were significantly busier during the day, and I think the Mirage is now my #2 choice in Vegas. This was my first and last trip to play at the Wynn I think.
  • Tons of new rooms everywhere. Most are tourist rooms, with lower limits spread but probably nice and juicy. Five years ago, probably 8-10 rooms (maybe less, I'll let someone knowledgeable correct me). Now, there has to be 20-25 at least, if not more.
  • Dealers have been unavoidably watered down with so many new rooms. I was underwhelmed the most at the Wynn, no real problems anywhere else.
  • Daylight poker in Vegas is either NLHE, low-stakes, or tourneys. No real reason to kill time playing mid-stakes (maybe Mirage is the exception). Even at the Mirage, it was more of the same. Most of what you find during the day are a bunch of poker players sitting at the table, grinders who like keeping and winning chips. I mean, who likes to play poker with a bunch of poker players? If I wanted to be near poker players, I'd just hang out at 2+2!
  • March Madness was a nice time to be out, but there still is never a better time to be in Vegas than when there is a big tourney. Plan your trips around the big tourneys (WPT, WSOP).
  • Quick tip about traveling to Vegas: always check out AmericaWestVacations before booking anything. It's now US Airways I see, but whatever. When I used to go to Vegas ten times a year on business, I would find screaming deals booking through them. Once I flew from Atlanta to Vegas plus three nights at the Bellagio for $600. I haven't looked in awhile, but I would highly recommend them.
  • If you're traveling with 1-3 other folks, always get a limo to pick you up at the airport. Waits can be 30-75 minutes for a cab, and it's a great way to start the trip (I didn't, but I remember when I have).
  • Linda Geneen was just great to spend time with. Best part of the trip--that and having her have the jack-high flush to my queen!
  • Didn't get to see Felicia and give her my Bellagio room. Hope you feel better after the weekend, Felicia. I posted the photo of the Little Guy for your comfort. I did steal all the soap anyways.
Had a great couple of phone calls with my brother Econ yesterday while making fajitas for supper. For you worthless guys, the quick recipe for fajitas: cut up boneless chicken breasts, put a very small pinch of cumin (15 grains), garlic (get the kind in a jar), pepper, and lots of Worcestshire sauce, cook in a skillet. Cook onions and bell peppers over olive oil until browned. Cut up lettuce, grate cheese, put whatever else you want. Wrap flour tortillas in aluminum foil, warm for 5 minutes at 375 degrees or so. And presto--you've knocked out supper in thirty minutes. Anyways, he asked me what my goals were now that my bankroll is fat and happy. Candidly, my primary goal has been not to donk off my online bankroll, which I've now accomplished. I wish I had some great goals, but I just don't. I'll work on it, and I admire all of you on challenges and nice goals that you're achieving.

I'll wrap-up with my Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, seeing where the links on my blog will take us. Have a great week, and thanks everyone for being here.
  • Silent4: Alan is from Austin, TX, where I think he's the only person with a poker blog (inside joke--I think people must get their car tags free if they have a poker blog in Austin!). Alan tried to hunt me down while he was in Vegas last week, finally giving up with the classic comment of, "...well, I'm not sure where we'll be playing as we're forgoing the tourney today, but say hi if you see us. I'll be the one with the beard." After being invited to go up to the room of 23 bearded poker players after trying to meet Alan, I gave up.
  • All In: Nick Christy, future WSOP champ. OK, well here's a guy with no goal problems for sure.
  • PokerStage: Falstaff is part of the poker blogging elite and part of the Charlotte crew. He has some neat t-shirts too, so check him out.
  • Missives from a Degenerate Underachiever: now on a pursuite to qualify for WSOP through satellites. Nice, and good luck.
  • The Commish: Poker plus a touch of sports fanaticism (sic?).
  • Bill Rini: I rarely hit Bill's blog for some reason as it should be on the very short list. Very hard working involved guy, really does great stuff. He is currently exploring Paula Abdul on poker strategy. Always check him out.
You can check out the discounts again on poker supplies or custom tables. See the links at the top right for details. Again, thanks for being here.


Blogger Alan said...

um... yeah.... I noticed later that I wasn't even the only guy with a beard in that picture.

So, I saw in another comment that you have Poker Academy? I was with the 1st Poker Academy Meetup in Vegas. Too bad you weren't able to join us. You may not know that PA has a forum at http://www.poker-academy.com/forums/ with a pretty good community.

9:58 AM  
Blogger cc said...

My brother is a big Poker Academy user (I've used Wilson Turbo, but he let me use PA2). I'm a big believer in using simulators, although I haven't practiced enough with PA2 to be too knowledgeable. Hope you ended up with a nice successful trip.

10:11 AM  
Blogger kurokitty said...

that's a good tip on America West Vacation. Tx.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Nick Christy said...

Now if only I had a path to that goal......

3:15 PM  

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