14 March 2006

Georgia Freshman Takes PokerStars.com EPT Grand Final

I don't think I would let this kid babysit the boys, but he turned $40 dollars into 900,000 euros (roughly $1,076,187.50 or so). Jeff Williams is from Dunwoody, an Atlanta suburb. He is a freshman at Georgia, and his parents were kind enough to fly over to watch him take down the final table. His TT cracked AA early on, then he ended with AT vs A8 and nothing pairing.

I worked off my PokerStars signup bonus without losing my buy-in, which was a major accomplishment for me. I again had some brutal hands for awhile, having AA and KK cracked four times, picking people off only to be counterfeited again, never catching my flush draws while seemingly being bombarded by straight and flush chasers, leaving bets out there. I was able to claw back very nicely, though.

Having said that, what a horrible day yesterday. Major problems with work my people had done, which led to frustrating and fairly unproductive day. Then just a wonderful thing happened. I worked until 11:15 or so last night trying to get everything ready to meet deadlines and work productively while I'm traveling. My office has two hardwall offices, a conferenc room a storage room with fridge and sink, a cube area with three cubes, a sitting area with a sofa, and two bathrooms. So, I turn off lights and get ready to walk out, and I pull the door and it's locked--not sure who locked it. I then turn the deadbolt--and it turns but then won't budge when it catches. I'm locked in my office! So, I'm calling emergency landlord numbers to help, finally get someone out around 1:00 or so. Meanwhile, the client is calling me from Vegas at 12:30 asking about changes to their work that I'm now having to jump through hoops to have our people modify and print out there at Kinko's probably. We had everything virtually done, then the VP/GM decides that he wants to re-write 40 pages of copy. It's a stupid thing and is more indicative of what a poor, micromanaging manager he is. It totally got me on tilt, not him and defending what we had done, but just how totally stupid this has become for me. Enough of that, though.

I haven't really used AIM very often, but I do need some clarity about etiquette. When someone comes online, do you just bombard them with chatty rhetoric or speak when spoken to? I am indeed an old fart, to be sure. I need to leave for the airport around 10:45 this morning, so that's it until I get to Raleigh. Don't know of any big games there.

ADDENDUM: When I got home at 2:30 or so this morning, I was jabbing away with my wife, then moved downstairs so she could get some sleep. Saw Heat for the thirtieth time, and it is absolutely one of my favorite movies of all time. I fell asleep halfway in, but some thoughts:
  • DeNiro is just terrific
  • What a cast: Natalie Portman is the daughter, Ashley Judd gets 14th billing (her first real role), Pacino obviously, Val Kilmer--too cool (just saw Tombstone again over weekend, "I'll be your huckleberry."), Voight, Sizemore, Amy Brenneman, Hank Azaria even
  • Any movie with Funky Cold Medina himself (Tone Loc) has to be great
  • Who had the lady you were hottest over: Pacino's Justine (just a great maternal role model), DeNiro's Eady, or Kilmer's Charlene? It's like Petticoat Junction but better. Justine quote: "I may be stoned on grass and Prozac, but you've been walking through out life dead."
  • Waingro--what a character
  • Just a super beginning ten minutes
  • The absolute best shoot-out scene ever


Blogger Luke Kim said...

When you log onto IM, all communication is fair game. Not only can you receive sudden messages, but also you have the online social right to contact anyone logged on, even strangers. You can set parameters that limit stranger communication, although I do not mind random messages.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Scott Cunningham said...

Oh man, best cops and robber/big heist movie ever. For all those reasons you named, and more. The shootout scene, and the opening ten minutes, are just brilliant.

I had such high expectations for Collateral, and was really disappointed in it. It couldn't hold a flame to Heat.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

I don't think we're going to make it to Vegas this weekend. I came down with a horrible cold.

Thanks for the offer. I hope you are having a great time.

10:42 AM  

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