08 March 2006

What's a Minx?

"You know what guys call people like you? You're a naughty minx." Simon Cowell, Tuesday's American Idol
"What's a minx?" Kellie Pickler

Another busy day.
Above is an illustration from one of our projects for a client. You can see the episode of Avonita if you like. I'm working on two ads plus a bunch of other stuff, as well as kicking off a new research project and pitching a proposal for more work in China.

So much for my stud prowess. I've lost about five buy-in's today ($5 each time) with two pair beaten by two pair. Beautiful hand in first hand of a session playing $2/4, dealt Jh2h. There are three callers and a raiser to me, so I toss in my extra two bucks. Flop comes JdJs7h. I bet it, then the action: call/raise/call/raise to me (I then raise)/then three others call. Kh hits turn, I bet and the three amigos call. I bet the 5c river and get two callers. The first raiser has 97o, and the re-raiser has TT. Seven more hands, and I'm gone.

Not playing very seriously right now being so busy, although up for the day. Watched one guy who plays 60-70% of his hands just crash and burn regularly during a session with me tonight. He had big hands (big pairs three times) that were getting beaten by two pair or trips, and then he just kept plowing money in. I won a nice pot, then raised UTG+1 with 9s8s. He called (he was two to my left) with 2 1/2 small bets left. Flop came 3s3d2s, I bet he raised I re-raised him all-in. He took the pot with 82 when I didn't improve. I then raise UTG with KQ on the next hand, and he's the only caller. Flop comes 9J2 rainbow. I bet, and he calls. Magic Tc hits the river, I check/he bets/I raise/he raises/I cap/he calls. 4 hits the river, and I bet his last two bucks in and he calls it, flipping over AJo. Obviously, a fortunate turn that I played extremely well, but these kind of players are a cross between the pretend player and the wish player. I have a tendency of slipping into being a pretend player, which is where you pretend to have a good hand only to be called down by a good hand. The wish player I don't do very often (except for this little stud experiment). This is where you close your eyes and wish that your hand is good regardless of anything happening at the table.

So, a nice set-up and take down. The other nice thing that I'm doing more is trying to establish a table image. It doesn't take too much effort to slant folks to see you and your world a certain way. Most players online are distracted, I believe. This either means that they pay no attention to anything going on or they just remember what their last ten hands have taught them about you. I've been able to go spells of loose play, capitalize on that image, then switch to ultra tight folder, then steal some pots.

Watched another session of High Stakes Poker on GSN. I tell you, I wish Negreanu would have backed me with his $1MM rather than played it himself. He made some great reads that he still paid off (Mimi Tran kojak when he flopped straight with his 68 on board of 79T then Q hits turn) then some donkified plays (betting $50k into a $29k pot after playing passively the whole way--Freddy Deeb calls his river bluff with T8 second pair). It is really great to watch, and my man Gabe Kaplan is again stellar.

I'm going to hit the sack. Need to have a really big day today in alot of ways, so thanks for dropping by and all the comments. Good stuff all.
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