24 February 2006

Presenting Mr. Phil Ivey, Just the Best

"...but I have to admit that sitting across a table from Phil Ivey for three days was MIND BLOWING." Michael Craig

Andy Beal's result after Phil Ivey: -$16MM after a $10MM loss yesterday. See Michael Craig's recap after yesterday. He'll be writing this up for Bluff Magazine in their April and May issues.

Does this result mean Phil is the best? Look Phil is just the best. If you had to put someone at a table to play a heads-up challenge over three days for your life, is there anyone else you would choose? Can you imagine the DVD of the Andy Beal sessions, from his time up early last week to Ivey to being up early yesterday to going down to calling it quits? Forget about my thoughts regarding whatever on poker and just smell the sweet aroma of Mr. Phil Ivey. It must be something to be the absolute best at something, and Mr. Ivey is it.

ADDENDUM: Great recap on CardPlayer.

ADDENDUM TO THE ADDENDUM: OK, I've just been introduced to a great new analytical tool: the poker partner. I emailed my SNG hand history from last night to my brother, who took the time to review, pull his comments together, work the analysis of key hands (the 99 all-in), and give an overall review. Really excellent stuff, so I think a new tool I'll move forward with is the PokerPartner. Find one, invest the time to become better and better at both reviewing and being reviewed. Really valuable stuff, scott.


Blogger Grinder said...

A comment from you comment-

Not tile - it's Cambria Onyx - way better then Corian and harder and more durable then granite.

What you saw in the photo was only a sample of Corian to the Onyx.

2:43 PM  
Blogger kurokitty said...

that's totally awesome, especially considering Ivey was ineffective playing Beal the first go-round, detailed in Michael Craig's book.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Grinder said...

"Should we collect chips from different poker rooms?"

Go to http://chipperspokerworld.blogspot.com/

There is a whole group of those guys!

4:49 PM  
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