15 February 2006

Longest Post in History

We had a real scare last night after supper. Our 7-year old was playing with our 21-month old, and I was watching on the couch (still a bit out of it from my illness/throat/sinus thing). The 7-year old is playing with a ball, and the little guy is hopping around. Well, he suddenly lurches forward and falls toward the fireplace step (I don't know if it's a hearth--it is a granite step up which surrounds the fireplace on three sides). We have foam bumpers on this, but he falls forward with no hands down and pops his head right on the edge. Our ten-year old cut his head when he was 2 on a coffee table, but I knew that this wasn't good. I rushed over, and he had a small gash above his eye. We decide I'm taking him, decide to bypass the minor med and take him to the Children's Hospital ER (where they normally have a plastic surgeon). This happened at 7:30, and we got back home at 11:30 or so. I took him, and my wife stayed home with the boys. He was a real trooper, but he was pretty upset after we left (doing the shark that just got harpooned spine bend when trying to put him into the car seat). We held it together for nine Baby Booga's (Baby Beluga), then he melted down at home, screaming non-stop for about 45 minutes. He'll have a little beauty mark, but he should be fine.

I've got alot of work before my family trip tomorrow. I have to transcribe all the Singapore interviews before I leave or end up taking the transcription machine with me.

In lieu of this, Iggy has what he's termed the longest poker blog post in history. I can't get sucked into it just now, but it has some incredible stuff, including a 2+2 post with the question how many five-year olds could you take at one time, a post with about forty 2+2 posts on MTT strategy, and a ton more stuff. Definitely check it out.

ADDENDUM: My brother sent me this post by Gigabet, a top internet pro who has done well in live tourneys (hunted up Darrell Dicken). Absolutely terrific post on the difference between winning and losing, probably speaking outside of poker as much as to poker.
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