03 February 2006

The Big Game is Back On and My Rants

A quick post that the Big Game (Andy Beal vs. the Corporation II) is back on at the Wynn. See the following links to follow the action:
NoblePoker sucked me into a bonus whore special: 50% first time deposit bonus plus some one-off $50 bonus if I deposited within 48 hours (min $20) then emailed them a bonus code. I'm up $0.55, so I'm on a bit of a roll... One other quickie--an absolute great post by scurvy that should be saved and re-read constantly, absolutely great (see 10 Notes Wednesday post). Plus a new blog that I stumbled upon from Mike Cunningham, trying to make a go of professional poker.

ADDENDUM: OK, here are some random rants and observations about poker and life in general:
  • I hate Hootie and the Blowfish. It is a bit complicated, but there are a couple of fundamental reasons: they only have one song that they sing over and over (with different lyrics probably), and a horrible couple from G-Vegas that we knew in Phoenix. The husband constantly flirted with my wife, and I traveled alot at the time. We somehow got coerced into going to a Hootie concert in Phoenix (this is maybe late '95 or early '96), it is just dreadful, we have a babysitter for our four-month old first son, I casually leave the phone number of my secretary as an emergency number. When we get home, there is a piece of paper on the garage door from my secretary. The babysitter, unbeknownst to us, has gotten knocked up by her boyfriend (or a stranger, I'm not sure), has been throwing up, and calls my secretary to save the day. This is like 1:00 in the morning on maybe a Thursday night, and we get there to find my secretary still awake with our little guy sleeping. I know Hootie the guy likes sports and golf, but I hate them and that couple.
  • My next-door neighbor is a jerk. He's my age (maybe 42 or 43 I think), but he is just a horrible father and husband from what I can gather. His kids are the most disrespectful children you can find. Well, I ask the boys if they want to see a movie, and we decide on Nanny McPhee (boys are ten and seven). So the next-door neighbor 12-year old boy comes by just as the boys have gone to someone's house to play (he's a deviant, so this is a good thing). My wife feels sorry for him and somehow sort of either tells him about the movie or invites him, I'm still not sure which. Then the neighbor calls and says, "So, when do you want to go to the movie?" My quiet afternoon with the boys suddenly turned into a day with the neighbor, the 12-year old hellion, and the evil kindergarten daughter. So we get to the movie (4:00 showing), I get in line for popcorn and Diet Coke, get into the theater, and there are my boys sitting with the kids in a row of four, and there is my neighbor across the aisle with a seat for me. So I have to sit with him away from the boys. The movie is over, the neighbor is whining about it "...this is your Dad's fault; he chose this movie...", my boys liked the movie, I thought it was fine (I had popcorn, so it's fine), I'm talking with the boys about what they liked, etc., and the neighbor doesn't say a word to either of his kids.
  • NoblePoker: So I'm at a $0.02/$0.04 NLHE table max $5 buy-in table. I pick up AA and raise it up to $0.16 with two callers. Flop comes 872, I bet $0.60 with one caller (I've got another $1.75). 8 hits on the turn, and of course I get busted out vs. A8s. These no-limit/low-limit players are absolutely vicious, fighting for all my change. And exactly how am I supposed to work off my bonus? I'll have to grind away at $0.50/1.00 limit probably. I still haven't gotten the $50 no questions asked bonus, so I'll see. But it sucks to be down $6.25 already. I mean, how much can you really respect a twelve-cent raise? My hands smell like copper from only like thirty minutes at NoblePoker.
  • TiVo: there is no reason that any red-blooded American shouldn't have TiVo. We watched six hours of 24 last night. Our top shows to watch: 24, Lost, American Idol, Survivor, Bones, High Stakes Poker, WPT (OK, the last two are mine). I don't know the last time I've watched a commercial at home. It is just an absolute must to have. Oh, and Chloe absolutely rules.
  • Strawberry Julius: The top snack in all of poker. There is nothing like having one of these delivered to you at the Bellagio. I have gotten on tilt a couple of times due to the brain freeze from sucking them down too quickly, and they aren't on the Atkins diet for sure.
  • Wisdom teeth: I have them, and on my bottom right jaw they are growing in sideways into my teeth. I've avoided going to the oral surgeon because I'm fraidy-scared, as the dentist originally described how my jawbone would be gapped (or like a shelf in my jawbone where these teeth used to be).
  • Flossing: I don't do it, and you would assume that most all of us would do it. It is bizarre how stupid we are, but I'm right in there with most of us.
  • iPod: life changing. I've absolutely loved mine and listened to music for the first time in a long time. I still can't play poker while listening, or at least I can't play winning live poker either cash games or tourneys. Maybe I need bigger headphones, I don't know what the secret is. I can't read any tells from anyone, so it shouldn't matter.
  • Hold Em vs. poker: For us LHE afficionados, are we really kidding ourselves when it comes to how talented or horrible we are? What is the true test of poker? HORSE is hard to argue with, but to choose a single game is it 7-card stud? I mean, you have to both think, remember, and read people, which seems like a whole lot for your brain to do. I have no short-term memory, so I can't imagine playing stud for long periods of time. Omaha is similar to the strawberry julius except that it is almost guaranteed that your head will hurt within the hour of playing. My favorite is H/L where I never actually know what hand I'm holding, as well as if I'm ahead or behind on either the high or the low.
  • Poker blogs are gay: have you ever actually told a casual acquaintance that you have a poker blog? It is similar to saying that you are available to babysit young boys. And what are these things? QQ vs AK, implied pot odds, sng, lol, nh. We're like Trekkies without the uniforms.
Well, it's good to get that off of my chest. I'll hit the online tables here for a bit then nothing this weekend as the in-laws will be in town.


Blogger Wes said...

We poker bloggers even got Wesley Crusher!

4:56 PM  
Blogger kurokitty said...

love reading about the Big Game. Thanks for the link.

2:28 AM  

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