27 January 2006

Goodbye Singapore

Have to check out of the hotel in thirty minutes, so a quick shower and then check out, last minute gifts for the boys, then dinner and to the airport. A final 221-hand Party session with a river misread when I raised thinking I had made the straight, still some gaps in the fraidy-scared value bet, some verbal warfare with some jerk who would type "u idiot" every time he lost any hand, second best flush out of three when third diamond hit the turn (everyone trapping, so guy got three-bets on river from two of us). With all of that and some donkified other plays, still a +$386 session, so I'll take it.

22 hours from start to finish when I board the airport, including a five-hour layover in Seoul. Thanks for everyone who commented and visited during the journey--kept me going at times. Later.

UPDATE: A great dinner with new friends at an Indian restaurant on Boat Quay, getting to watch fireworks over Singapore. And an eventful flight here to Seoul. As I was sleeping soundly, I'm awakened by the cold red wine of the guy next to me, his full glass spilling all over my left leg. Brilliant. No apology, of course. I'm then pampered by all of the stewardesses through the flight. Someone produces rub on bleach, so most of the wine stain is either gone or looks like I've peed on myself. I no longer smell of Bordeaux, but now have the ripe smell of Clorox. Waiting for lounge to open, then hopefully I'll get my laptop up and running.


Blogger Otit said...


Just checking in from over at Low Rollin'. I've been checking out your archives, and you are one travelling son of a gun. I admire your dedication in getting some work in between poker and foot massages.

This is not really poker related, but I saw your post about finding a church in Singapore, and I thought I'd let you know that I finally settled on one here in G-Vegas, so the Tour De Church is over. I'm going through the membership process right now, and it's been really interesting for me. Much more so than my decidedly mediocre poker playing as of late.

Personally, I love people who insult me after each hand I win. It's like a written guarrantee that I'm going to take pots off of them all night.


10:27 AM  
Blogger cc said...

Glad to hear that your search is over. My in-laws live in G-Vegas, and my brother-in-law is a solid player (has a weekly game, he's gone to Bellagio with me before). Maybe next time I'm in the neighborhood we can get together. I hear there is a vibrant G-Vegas contingent, although I've never been able to track it down.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Otit said...

Sounds good. Drop me a line before your next trip. I don't play a lot live, maybe twice a month, usually with Badblood and G-Rob and those guys for NLHE, but they let me know about all the games anyway. They also rotate a dealer's choice game with Otis that I don't play in due to lack of bankroll/skill/knowledge of anything by Hold 'em, but have heard is really good. I'm sure they'd welcome a new player. Just let me know when you're headed out here and we'll work it out.

8:44 AM  

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