11 January 2006

24 Hours in LA

Incredibly funny show on TBS last night, Daisy Does America, produced by Courtney Cox and David Arquette. The show is about a Brit, Daisy, who tries out different jobs in America (wedding planner, rapper, dog show handler). She basically acts like a dork, asking people ridiculous questions when they take themselves too seriously. Daisy tries to first learn high-stakes poker, then seduces Barry Greenstein, trying to convince him to propose to her. A great tour of his home where she repeatedly asks him how much various things cost. The entire episode isn't great, but Barry is priceless.

So, I decided on the Bicycle for the stop in LA. The Welcome Center was helpful getting me a room at a local Embassy Suites. There is a $40 tourney at 7:00 tonight, so I may play this. Felicia Lee suggested hitting the soft NLHE tables. I'll come back with a good debrief of what i find. I may play in the tourney, but I need to check out what we've got.


Blogger Pinky said...

I saw the episode with the dog handlers. Hilarious. I must try to track down the one with Greenstein

12:59 PM  

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