23 December 2005

London Finale

I'm typing this in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, where I''ve had my complimentary meal, drinks, hair cut (trying to angle a massage as well). What a way to end the voyage. I made my mad dash to Harrod's and Oxford Street for Christmas shopping.#

I arrived back at Gutshot last night around 10:30. The day's tourney was still going on, and I put my name on the list for the two PLHE games, the £1/2 50 min and the 25 max. I was seated at the latter game, and after ten minutes watching one hand transpire in the player-dealt game, I happily sat down at the bigger game. It was a new game and I bought in for £75. The game was short-handed for awhile, and I was able to move up a bit. The table quickly filled up with some real characters: Ghandi the Asian regular, the Asian crazy girl who was talking non-stop gibberish, the wacked-out American guy who kept playing 96o, Calvin the blac guy (might not be his name), really large money guy (had to re-buy three times), another couple of guys. American cracked aces with T5o to make his straight, large guy laid down AA on a board of QJT for his last 50 with a pot of 150. I caught AA later and showed them hot to double up with them. I was then moved to the main table, where I held off an attack of my baby ace top pair. I was able to double up again with AA and had the following hand: ten limpers and I have QdTd. I am bb and sayLet's check it down. The flop comes 8d4d3d, and I fire out £10. One caller then solid player raises me to £40. I think about slow-playing but don't want him to get a cheap suck-out, so I re-raise £160. Caller is all-in, and the solid guy thinks for three minutes before mucking (I think he had Ad8). No more diamonds hit the board. I decide to hail a taxi around 1:30. 150 minutes of play, +£415. Not too shabby.

Poker was a great release during all this travel. The Bellagio is always the best, but The Gutshot gang was filled with some real characters and solid play. Holland is worth the trip, with some juicy games. I was surpised by the tininess of the poker rooms. The vast majority of play is online for sure. PartyPoker has half of the ads on the Tube, and poker is everywhere in ads.

I'll post some non-poker observations after my flight tonight.


Blogger WillWonka said...

I really enjoyed following your traveling adventures...

Good Stuff!!!

12:20 PM  
Blogger e-e baby said...


It doesn't surprise me much that the room in London is so small. Property is super expensive here and Londoners aren't exactly the "social" type. There are a few casinos around, but if people go, it isn't something they talk about. The ads maybe everywhere, but much like sex, the online makes it easy to keep in on the down low.


10:09 AM  
Blogger mishu said...

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