29 December 2005

Genesis of 2006 Poker Plan

First, another salute to my favorite American footballer, Brian McBride. Brace #2 to put his goal total to 8 on the year, tied for seventh in the Premiership. McBride is someone you can't help but root for, not a spring chicken, he has put in his time on the bench after coming to Fulham, focusing on what he does well, which is hard physical work and playing in the air. He is a fundamentally different forward that really isn't seen much these days, and without the flash he is setting himself up terrifically going into World Cup 2006. Way to go, Brian.

In quick order, I want to plan the plan for 2006. My cash bankroll stands at $2,700 and my online bankroll stands at $900. Here are some of the things I'd like to develop for 2006, but please add to this as I'd like to make this fairly collaborative:
  • # of hands per quarter/year
  • VPIP for full games
  • List of specific tactical goals, including leaks to plug
  • MTT cash percentage
  • Session win rate
  • Monthly cash win rate
  • Non-performance objectives
I have yet to cash in any tourney, either live or online (MTT), so that is a major goal for 2006. I'd like to start my home game as my beautiful table is going to waste in my card room. I also want to have a more specific goal regarding playing live (# of times, where, etc). Also, I'd like to offer up being the data collector for anyone who would like to establish some set of goals. One of the challenges for poker is the risk of lack of accountability when it comes to goals and improvement. I'm not suggesting we can create a Hendon Mob or Grinder's crew, but I think it would be extremely productive to have a core group of players who can hold one another accountable, can provide feedback and mentoring one another, and do it all for free! Any takers just post in the comments, as well as any other metrics which would be or have been helpful.

I have a very busy few days trying to prepare my client analysis and report to be delivered in Dallas on the 4th. My wife wants to go to G-Vegas for the weekend to be with her folks, but I need to be able to finish this extremely well. Today will be important, so for those of you on holiday think of some of us slaving away.


Blogger Wes said...

My one goal is to get the bankroll up to 10K by the end of 2006.

6:17 PM  
Blogger surflexus said...

The MTT cash percentage is something very interesting that I have been tracking for a while now. As I tweak my game and open up or tighten up hand selection and betting styles it changes my percentages for making the money. A friend of mine that is much more aggressive in playing style and betting style doesn't make the money very often, but when she does she almost always takes it to the final table. I was making the money about 20% of the time but I have made some adjustments that lowered this to 12 to 15% but I win more money in MTT's at the lower percentage because when I do make it to the money I have a larger stack and can take it further....good post

6:00 PM  

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