14 January 2006

Damn Tristan!

Watching Legends of the Fall while doing this. Why all men hate Brad Pitt yet secretly wish we were him...

Shanghai Day 2 is similar to Day 1: pass out early in bed, wake up at 2:30AM, flop in the bed for an hour, get up and watch movies, then hit Party and FullTilt. Was up as much as $1250 playing $15/30 on Party, then gave back about $550. Made some dumb plays on half of the $550 and just beaten by some flopped two pairs and a couple of other hands on the other half. The table was great, with alot of action and good prospects of getting paid off. I won probably one of the biggest $15/30 pots ($560) with a set of kings on the flop and an ace on the turn. All in all, I made some good plays and played well plus got paid off with some good hands, so I'll take it. Now the real test begins: can I keep it and build on it at Party, and can I get FullTilt above $1000. I've been treading water there with the small table selection, basically break even when you exclude working off the sign-up bonus. I haven't tried any of the other sites for cash games, so I'll leave it to you guys to direct me anywhere else.

Legends of the Fall--not exactly a feel-good movie. I mean, everyone dies for the most part with Anthony Hopkins slobbering after his stroke. Whatever. Fighting the grizzly at the end, alright Brad. Every woman's dream, every man's nightmare...

My wife suggests that I leave the hotel today. That's something to think about, should I leave the hotel or not? Visibility is about half a mile from the pollution combined with either fog or just the pollution. My hotel, the St. Regis, isn't exactly in the middle of a hotbed of Shanghai. When I get to Singapore I'll explore around, but I don't feel too comfortable or interested wandering around. I don't feel unsafe or anything, just don't have a ton of interest exploring. I'll update later.


Blogger kurokitty said...

You should start the uber-fishy Crypto system.
Singapore is awesome.

10:25 AM  

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