15 March 2006

Bellagio Finally

Plane was thirty minutes late landing, then there were about 350-500 people in line for cabs (for those familiar with the Vegas taxi stand, all six lanes were snaked from the baggage claim door). About forty minutes in line for the cab, which wasn't the worst ever. The more disturbing sight was looking up at the huge lines going through security. Hopefully it will be fairly clear Friday night. Of course, they're here for the big Pizza Convention. I didn't know there was a ton of innovation in pizza--I'll have to check it out. An absolute ton of folks here for March Madness. I guess Rich from our neighborhood who is out with his dad, brother, and college friends isn't alone. I wish I was staying through the weekend as there will be tons of action here, I assume. I have dinner plans with Rich at 7:30, so I'll probably head straight over to MGM Grand and sit down a bit at their tables before dinner. Will hit the Bellagio tables after dinner.

I owe my poker bankroll $400, so I have to head to the ATM to get some cash. $200 I had to use instead of going to ATM, and $200 I had to use in China. I'm optimistic about getting to play tomorrow. My wife was a real trooper today bird-dogging all of the work we had to do for the client that had to be done today.

Some good stuff today from Nickel and Dimes, Neverbluff, and in case you want to download images to cause impotence, here is Tony G's site.


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