18 March 2006

End of Trip

Snuck in two quick sessions: three hours playing $10/20 at the Mirage and one hour playing $15/30 at the Bellagio. I tread water down about $100 most of the Mirage session, sliding down from horrible suckouts then playing crazy hands to take pots (6d5d cracking AA when I flopped the flush). Five minutes from the end of my session, I raised with QQ, was re-raised, and the pot was capped before me. Flop came 982 with two spades, I bet and the aggressive 1s raises (he had really chased me down with horrible hands), five players called him (six saw the capped hand and two raises on the flop and then called turn). Blank hit on the turn, I think a 4d, we all check/called. 8h on the river, and he bets and I call him (everyone else mucks). One mucker had KsTs, one mucker had JJ, the raiser had TT, and my Hilton Sisters held up for the $620 pot. Sweet.

Somewhere after that I realized I had not put on deodorant today. I was rank all the way around, which was just great the rest of the day.

I got sucked into the $15/30 game as a guy in a suit came up to the sign-in asking what the different buy-in's were. The poker room manger and I told him about the different limits, he says he'll buy in for $500 (gets directed to an open $15/30 seat), and there is one more seat that I happily jump on. He lost $100 then tightened up, won one pot, and held his own avoiding hands. I played one major pot heads-up with JJ and a 4-bet pot, flop comes J88, 8 on turn, 9 on river. I got one raise in, so that was nice. Also caught a nice flush with rags on the river when I called two bets with 6s5s (sooted), raised my gutshot and flush draw on the flop and bet the checked rag turn.

+$761 for the trip, bankroll now over $7000. Take away my donkified NLHE play and it would have been really sweet, but it was all good. Playing with Linda was the highlight of the trip, as well as the dinner with Rich. Gotta sprint to the airport (hope no one is there). Thanks for keeping up with it all, and have a good weekend. I'll do a post-mortem on Monday.


Blogger mowenumdown said...

Very nice, I hope to be stepping up from 2/4 to 5/10 soon.

10:40 AM  

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