17 March 2006

Wynn and Meeting Someone Special

I snuck over to the Wynn after meetings today. It was a very busy but small poker room. It's definitely siphoned off some regulars from the Bellagio as I recognized several players that I played with. Ended up losing $100 or so there playing $15/30 after an hour or so.

I then headed back to the Bellagio. I checked in for the $15/30 list, and Babo told me he would lock up the seat (there were five in front of me). I asked around to see if Linda Geenen was working or playing. I must have been speaking Sioux because no one there knew who Linda was. Maybe she doesn't even deal at the Bellagio, maybe she just makes up all this stuff. I dumped things in my room, then came down to sniff around again. And lo and behold, at Table 8 was Linda. She greeted me with a big hug (she's a great hugger), and within seconds she was allowing me into her world. We were able to get her a table move to a $4/8 table, so I sat in the 1s and she was in the 2s. She ends up three-betting me on the turn I think the first hand we played together with three clubs on the board and maybe the board paired, I can't remember (third club came on the turn). I had Qc9c, and she had Jc8c.

I was stacking and stacking blue chips like they were, well, something that you can stack alot of easily. Sparky was in the 3s, and it was just great to chat it up with Linda, to listen to stuff, to wisecrack. Of course, it was nice to rack up two more racks of blue chips after we were done. But what a great time, and how gracious Linda was to spend the time. She didn't have to work after all, so she left after an hour or so.

I made it over to a $15/30 table. I was fairly card dead most of the night and really had to claw to do anything much. I had to re-buy for $200 when I was down to $50 or so (which I haven't had to do in a while). I lost a huge pot to runner-runner flush, lost several picked off guys betting overcards only to get rivered. Lost the last pot UTG raising with KQo, being three-bet by the guy who I wreaked havoc on (worst was when I flopped a straight with QT and he had AK). He ended up with AK with the K coming on the flop, so I gave hime $120 for his trouble. I ended up down $30 for the Bellagio session, which was actually very strong for how things went. I definitely could have been up $500 -750 with a little help.

I'm sure hoping I can get some serious sleep tonight. I didn't have lunch or dinner, so I can't wait for breakfast in the morning. Linda, just great meeting you. You are a class act, and it's great to have a new friend.


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