04 December 2007

I Miss Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

I used to do this regularly, head from my site and see where it takes me.

1. Diablo Cody's The Pussy Ranch (see earlier post)

2. An Amber Colored Life (she's a bit under the weather today, so head over and flood her with love)

3. Blah Blah Blah-ler Minneapolis ladies seem to be nuttier than Canadian women.

4. Kristabella, a wine-loving/slurping Chicago singleton who keeps wineries in business. Happy birthday to her Mom!

5. Alyndabear, a rambling Aussie teacher.

6. Gorgeous Footsteps in the Sand; aka Katelin. Send her some big happy thoughts with her Christmas Wish List

I miss Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I'll be doing it regularly again.

UPDATE Blah Blah Blahler is neither Canadian nor from Minneapolis. Whether she's nutty or not I'm not sure (Blogger was down when I posted originally, so I couldn't find anything else about her exept the most recent post...).
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