19 November 2007

Weekend of Life: The Police

Quite the eventful weekend here. I somehow avoided injury and cardiac arrest while playing soccer on Saturday then finished off the weekend with one of the best concerts in my life.

This was the peak of my athletic prowess during the soccer coaches game. Note the full sprint with one leg up in running position.

This is the more typical shot during the game. I spent most of the time staring at play as I walked back toward the goal. I had volunteered to defend then would find myself on some crazy run forward, making a mockery of the beautiful game.

I switched to goalkeeper once the game was well out of reach. This was a highlight, where I rolled over the ball as I tricked the player into crossing the ball instead of taking a shot on goal. I made it through without an injury, although I think we had a couple of hamstring pulls and an ACL tear/strain. I'll take that. My knee, which was operated on a few years ago, made it through fine.

Last night, my wife, her best friend from Hilton Head, and I went to dinner then headed to Philips Arena to see The Police. I grew up as a hardcore R&B fan (Soul or Black music is what we called it), while most of the white kids at my school were into Southern Rock. My music included Prince, Luther Vandross, Cameo, Earth Wind and Fire, Lakeside, etc. I got to see Cameo and Rick James in concert, as well as Luther Vandross with Whitney Houston opening for him.

When I went to Tulane, my roommate and I battled over music constantly. He had been a DJ at the local small town AM radio station, and he was into The Police among other groups. One of our best friends was a fanatic, with hair that matched Sting's. The Synchronicity Tour came to Baton Rouge, and I militantly refused to go, arguing that Michael Jackson was more of a musical genius than Sting and the Police. I have regretted the decision ever since. Our friend went to four cities to see them in concert, having caught them previously through the years (he had a towel thrown by Sting as his prized concert possession).

We were on the floor, and I was like a kid as I jumped and screamed, oblivious of the bad date couple to our right. My wife just kept jumping then gazing at me throughout the night, a huge grin on her face. Of course, she was lusting after Sting for big chunks of the night, but I think she was so happy to see me so happy.

None of my photos really came out, and I got bored trying to video one of the songs. Head here for the set list as well as a Wiki overview of The Police.

I'm heading up to G-Vegas early by myself to work on fleshing out answers to my questions I've posed. I'm sure I'll check in from there but not sure when.
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