18 March 2008

Go Fug Yourself March Madness

In honor of the upcoming hoops tourney, the ladies at Go Fug Yourself have their own March Madness brackets out. It features four regionals (with top four seeds in parentheses)
  • Bjork (1-Mischa Barton, 2-Gwen Stefani, 3-Paris Hilton, 4-Nicole Kidman)
  • Charo (1-Chloe Sevigny, 2-Bai Ling, 3-Tara Reid, 4-Jessica Simpson)
  • Cher (1-Lindsay Lohan, 2-Sharon Stone, 3-Keira Knightley, 4-Rihanna)
  • Madonna (1-Victoria "Posh" Beckham, 2-Jennifer Lopez, 3-Helena Bonham Carter, 4-Kate Moss)
Tourney starts Thursday, and I'm not actually sure what you're supposed to vote for (maybe the person who is most ridiculous, but I'm not quite sure). I thought I could easily explain it, but I actually have no idea how you should vote nor why different people are seeded where they are. For example, Brad Pitt is a 12 seed up against Fergie (5) in the Cher regional. Now how Fergie could beat Brad Pitt in anything is beyond me, unless it's having Fugly style sense.

I'll let you be the judge, but should be pretty fun.
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