06 April 2006

Poker Rants

So the week ends, hopefully, Friday morning with golf at the Cliffs Valley course. Designed by Ben Wright, the former CBS broadcaster who famously said, "Lesbians in the sport hurt golf." Unfortunately, he soon was out of broadcasting soon after and became an unfortunate figure. Now look, I know a thing or two about lesbians. One of the first dates I had with Sweetie was when she was at Furman, to see the Indigo Girls. This was 1989, and I didn't really know anything about them (except that their music gave me the worst screaming headache as all these girls screamed Closer I am to Fine around me). I have to hold the record for heterosexual males, having seen an Indigo Concert in no fewer than eight states. They have grown on me for sure, and it is always interesting to see the different folks in the audience nowaday's. There are your lesbians (both versions), your college-experimental lesbians (the kind that most college guys dream about coming over with their girlfriend), the old-fart couples (my favorites actually, as the husband starts to understand what he's walked into), the gay guys, and the season ticket holders at whatever venue they are performing at. They alternate between Amy Ray songs and Emily Saliers songs, with Emily the kinder, gentler more artistic, better guitarist writer and Amy the angry, opression-fighting, rocker writer. I've had to sit through more Tracy Chapman, Natalie Merchant, and Enya songs at these coffee shops than you can shake a stick at this week.

Elizabeth reminded me of something that I had dropped into an earlier post that bears some renewed emphasis: the Least Weird Person. My wife and I went through an exercise last summer where we tried to identify the least weird person we knew (no kids to be included). I had my wife, although she is extremely weird to be honest. She won't poop pretty much anywhere except her bathroom, she has her shrine to Tom Cruise hidden in the laundry room cabinets, she turns beet red at the drop of a hat, she never buys any clothers for herself, her cooking has improved but used to be just horrible (and still can be; one of her more famous experiments was weenies and kraut, where you cut up hot dog franks and mix it with saurkraut from a can--she washed the sourkraut thoroughtly, basically turning it into wet newspaper). I don't know if she ever came up with anyone, and I couldn't come up with anyone even a close second to her. I mean, almost everyone is extremely weird when you really come down to it, I mean extremely weird. Your neighbors? Who knows what abominations they're up to, but the little I know about mine makes me afraid to even leave Sweetie's cat in their charge--and that's the cat who daily pees on our $3,000 new carpet in the basement.

Pauly looks like he's taking a break, which is really good for him. One indicator of his traffic: I had 3x the number of referrals when he pimped the Relationships series vs. any other site. I admit I start the day with his blog, so I'll just have to bounce around elsewhere. I really appreciate everyone who spends the time to write regularly, as well as all the comments. Great post this week from kurokitty, although I'll have to circle back to read and re-read it.

BadBlood, who is hosting the home game tonight, seems pretty scary from his blog, what with skulls and all that. We'll either have one or two tables, NLHE $100 max $0.50/1.00 blinds, so it could be a long night for yours truly. If I ever get up, I normally will double a couple folks through when they flop sets or I'll overplay AKs. Or I'll get AT beaten early by AQ, re-buy, then tread water forever. We'll see how it goes. I'll try to get the post-mortem up before our trip back home, but you may not see it until Monday, we'll see.


Blogger Bloody P said...

OMG, your whole Indigo Girls rant is so right on. I liked the Girls in college when they came out, sort of forgot about them after a couple of years, and then I met my wife.


Sometimes I wonder if she's secretly gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) she loves them so much.

Anyway, I'd rather listen to Emily's intelligent, melodic, interesting songs over "I'm an angry lesbian and here's why" Amy Ray any day of the week.

OK, that's enough. I think I'm required to watch Brokeback Mountain 8 times after this comment...


11:55 PM  
Blogger BadBlood said...

Wish I read this before your visit so I could give you endless shit about the Indigo Girls. Opportunity lost.

11:54 AM  
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