09 April 2006

Light Weekend and G-Vegas Post Mortem

My first royal flush plus quads and I end up only +$186 for the one $10/20 session Saturday. The royal wasn't a huge pot, raising with AsJs with two callers, flop comes 6hQsTs and I'm raised, Kc comes on turn and I check but get checked behind, then Ks comes on river. I pull the hesitant internet bet and am called by 5d6s. Some big leaks chasing plus QQ vs JJ catching a straight on the river lowered the session, but I'll take the booked win.

Wrap-up from the G-Vegas week:
  • Best part of the week was having the Big Guy (my ten-year old) sitting next to me for nine holes on Friday. I slopped it around a good bit for sure, but his enthusiasm and hugs between shots was just so special.
  • BadBlood's game was a great time and hopefully the first of many.
  • Horseback riding with the Big Guy and All-In (our eight-year old). I used to ride when we would visit our cousins when I was little, but it's something we never see anymore. Will probably do more this summer.
  • Monterrey's. Nice.
  • Could we and should we live there in G-Vegas? I'm fairly certain that I'll be home-officing. Would a smaller place like G-Vegas be a better lifestyle? Would it be a nice place to continue the company with nothing connecting us to the ATL? Is it healthy to be that near to family? We'll be figuring this out over the next few months.
  • Golf vs. poker. I must admit that I enjoy golf more than poker. I don't know which I'm better at. I'm somewhere around a 10-12 handicap in golf, shooting in the low 80's most of the time. I don't know what that correlates to in poker necessarily, maybe about the same in limit, I'm not sure.
I have to go back to the dentist to see if I'll have the completed filling from ten weeks ago or root canal. I'm a big baby anyways, so I'm not looking forward to it in general. I'll let you know what happens Monday PM. Here's Monday's Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon:
  • Poker and Liquor: TeamScottSmith and Shep were at the G-Vegas game, and I had a chance to chat with Shep briefly before we settled in. He was previously a chef at a fancy exclusive club in G-Vegas that I'd been to a couple times. It's again one of the things I like about live poker, being able to meet people that I wouldn't normally bump into. These brothers seem like good guys for sure.
  • Bobby Bracelet: Playboy Mansion photos, etc. I need to check this out more, so I'll put it on my list to hit. A tragic story of a friend of his posted last week also.
  • A Chick and a Chair: I've been to Joanne's site before, and she's now in Vegas on a trip. A lot of photos of Calgary, which is a bad place for me. I was almost deported from Calgary the first time I traveled there in 1992. Long story, but it was pre-NAFTA and they were threatening to send me back to the US (not necessarily where I flew from).
  • yestbay: David is a Texan working away at this game, playing in bar tourneys as well as railbirding blogger tourneys.
  • Poker through the Eyes of an Amateur: Matt has played in recent blogger tourneys, working to maximize his bankroll against those donkey-fish-gay-poker-bloggers (of course not me). GL, Matt.
  • Road Warrior: Shark has alot going on for sure, so I'll have to study on him in the future.
ADDENDUM: In case you missed it as well, Rocco Mediate, our favorite poker-playing golfer, had a brutal 10 on #12, jumping from -4 to +3. Article today said his back was gone by #9. Very unfortunate for him, although if Raymer stayed with him for the weekend he's probably feeling some pain as well. I played behind this year's winner, Phil Mickelson, at Grayhawk in Scottsdale several years ago. He's an absolute sports junkie, and spent his time after the round in Phil's Grill chatting up his group about the NFL (consultants from maybe PWC who I think sponsored him at the time).

BadBlood mentioned Land of the Lost. LOTL was one of my favorites growing up. I remember racing home from PeeWee football to see the new Saturday shows. I was a Superfriends guy with Aquaman as my favorite, and I always watched LOTL. I never had a thing for Holly, maybe because she whined so very much or that she wasn't exactly a hottie. My top kid hotties growing up: most of the girls in Eight is Enough, Kristy McNichol in Family, Kate Jackson in Charlie's Angels (OK, I was a geek), maybe Jo on Facts of Life, Winnie on the Wonder Years (absolutely most definitely). I don't think I had a thing for Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman, but I can't remember. I do think I had the hots for all three daughters in Petticoat Junction, although I'm not sure when I watched this. I watched Days of our Lives growing up from about 1969-1983 or so. You can watch off and on skipping years even and for the most part stay up with stuff, although Sweetie's TiVo's it now and I can't get interested. I'm down with Mickey having amnesia and falling for Maggie, Doug and Julie being together forever, all that. But I probably soured on it when Alice Horton dressed as a nun and was either arrested or went undercover. I think that must have been fifteen years ago, maybe twenty.


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