23 January 2008

When the Wife is Away...

44/365 From Beneath

A quick special thanks to the top referrers to CC's blog over the last four weeks. It is always a pain to change links, but it is very much appreciated it.

The Wife

My traffic dropped significantly when I moved to PokerWorks, built back up, then dropped again when I moved back here. I've appreciated all who have come back here and chime in.

My wife is headed to Charleston for a five-day junket with her best friends at a Furman alumni trip. I'm assuming they will be the only ones under seventy there. I'll have the boys alone. The last time she did something like this, I think the two oldest basically cared for themselves while I slept at odd hours. I distinctly remember our middle son shaking me and kissing me before heading off to the bus. I've vowed that I'll stay awake when they're awake this time. PARTY!!!

I have a list of about 80+ tasks, so I'll give you the highlights and lowlights.
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