14 April 2008

Harry Potter Fanatics vs JK Rowling

I have to confess I'm pretty indifferent to the Harry Potter phenomenon, although the incredible success of JK Rowling is remarkable in its own right. I know this must be common knowledge, but I was more than intrigued when I learned that she was suing a fan website, Harry Potter Lexicon. I don't know if the Wall Street Journal Law Blog post about this will show up (have to be a subscriber), but I'll try anyways. And now she's decimated by the legal struggle? Hogwarts or hogwash?

Money, money everywhere, and not a drop to drink! btw, here is an author who is screaming that she wants to create "...a similar compendium..." yet she doesn't update her own website in 2008. Hmm..... You can head to the NY Times for their coverage as well. They do a better job of laying out more of the specifics, that she is suing RDR Books for their plan to publish a book by Steven Vander Ark, the author of the Harry Potter Lexicon website, for a print version.


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