29 April 2008

EW's Idolatry: Better than American Idol

Idolatry is truly laugh out loud at times when they do the recap videos. By far, it's better than watching Idol. btw, the only way to watch Idol is to fast forward through all of the commercials, through any song that you hate, and through any judges' comments.

Hilarious diatribe as they rant (above) after Carly gets voted out with her terrific performance then Brooke skates through after she forgot her words, hit rewind, and started again (below).

Can't wait to fast forward through tonight; oh, scratch that. Can't wait to delete it from my TiVo.


Blogger lj said...

i watched the first season, and random bits since then. i tried to watch a few weeks ago, but i am phsyically unable to watch paula abdul on screen. it makes me hurt all over. i don't understand how the show remains so popular with her on it.

i always thought the recap show was the way to go, obv w/ fast forwarding through commercials and the annoying two minute build up to the commercials courtesy of seacrest.

7:09 PM  

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